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Friday night my difficult child overdosed. He was found unconscious and taken to the ER.

Tox screen showed Barbituates, alcohol and weed in his system but we were told he was displaying like someone on Meth or K2. As thevdays have progressed, the doctors are convinced he took something synthetic that they cant see on their labs.

He's currently on a ventilator in ICU. If this isn't his bottom, I don't want to see what is.

Prayers and thoughts appreciated.


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Oh coma I am so sorry. How are you? I am praying right now for you all and will continue to. Warm hugs. Remember: you didn't cause it you can't control it and you can't cure it. But your higher power can. I so deeply sorry and I pray for his complete recovery and a complete turn from this life to a brand new life.

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Sending you prayers!!! Please keep us updated on his progress. I agree, praying this is bottom for him....

Meth would definitely show up on a screen. Not sure about that K2 stuff...


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Oh I am so so sorry. I am thinking of you and praying he will fully recover and that this is his absolute bottom!!! Thinking of you and hoping you can find some little ways to take care of you!


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Aw, sweetie, my heart is with you and I am holding your hand. I hope for the best for your son and that this is what he needs to get the help he deserves. Drug addiction is so ugly, so retched, so all-consuming, but he did express a wish for things to be different for him, didn't he? This is a good time in my opinion to be by his side and offer to support him if he goes for help...to let him know there is hope. Like you don't know this!!!!

Hugs and more hugs for your mommy heart and wishing your son a good recovery. Sending prayers.
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I am praying for your hurting mommy heart. I am praying for your child that he turns his life around. I am also feeling rage that our selfish offspring have the audacity to bring this pain into our lives when THEY could have chosen to live a much healthier and reasonable life.

Gentle HUGS for you. Please take care of yourself. He is in good hands.

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I am so sorry.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for your son. I hope this turn of events is the impetus that gets him to change his ways.


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I pray with everything in my heart that this truly is the bottom for your son and that he makes a complete recovery.

Thinking of you your son and family,


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I am so very sorry Coma. Praying for you and your difficult child. You must be exhausted and so worried. Please keep us posted.


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I am also keeping you in my prayers. I think all of us fear this. I know I do. I so hope this is your son's bottom and he climbs up with everything he has in him.


Sending many prayers your way - wishing difficult child a full recovery and wishing you strength and peace. I am so sorry you are going thru this.


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Pretzelling, hugs, and prayers. Let us know what happens... I hope this is the bottom, and he comes back up.


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comaheart, I just saw this. Adding my thoughts and prayers.

How is he doing? How are you doing?



Prayers for all of you. Hopefully this will turn things around and he will begin a happy productive life!

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Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers. I'm so very sorry coma!

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