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    Anyone had success for ODD/Adhd with iridologist?
    Thinking of seeing a 80 year old Amish man this week for help with my son.
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    This is very interesting to me, since I just watched a program on Amish kids who have left the fold and how they are shunned by their families if they don't follow their community's time-honored ways. I would suggest you do some research first.
    Good luck.
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    I have had a few interesting experiences with iridology. I also tried to study it, but I just couldn't see the detail I needed to. it also doesn't make sense scientifically, and I am a scientist.

    HOWEVER - from a scientific point of view, my experiences raise some interesting questions.

    My first experience with iridology - I had just dropped out of uni and was looking for a job at a government job agency. I told the bloke behind the counter that I had found my health a bit shaky following surgery earlier that year, and wanted a quiet desk job until I got back on my feet. The young man looked at me intently and said, "It was kidney surgery, wasn't it? Your left one?"

    I was astounded. I had not said anything about my kidney surgery to anyone in the place, I was not known to them at all. There was no way they could have known.
    I asked him how he could tell and he said, "You have a line in your eye." That is all he would say, because we needed to get on topic and talk about the jobs he had.

    Later - I was at work (another job, years later) and the new guy on the reception desk was also (like my previous example) an amateur iridologist. I got him to look into my eyes and see what he could tell me about myself. He correctly identified the kidney surgery as well as one other operation I had had. he did not come out with anything that was not correct. My kidney surgery was not known in this workplace as it was so long in the past for me.

    Since then I have had a professional iridology consult and was very disappointed. The professional began by asking me for my medical and surgical history. I actually didn't want him to have advance knowledge, because whatever I told him, based on what more conventional doctors had told me, may not have been correct. but he would not make a move without first getting as much info from me as he could. He then proceeded to look into my eyes and tell me the same stuff I had just told him, as if it was news and he could see it. I felt he was a fraud.

    Since then I have dabbled in other forms of reflexology (iridology is a form of reflexology - the concept that all the organs in the body are 'reflected' in one particular area) especially the feet. Again, ti was a gifted amateur who used to work on me, and she often predicted health problems I was developing, later to be confirmed by blood tests. I have used foot reflexology myself, I am a lot more skilled with that than with iridology.

    I'm not sure how it could help with ADHD or ODD though. The foot reflexology works on the principle of "it you have a sore spot on your feet, rub it more." And the sore spot corresponds to an area of your body that is malfunctioning. Acupuncture is somewhat connected to this too. It could be possible to use reflexology and acupuncture to reduce stress and anxiety. You could reduce symptoms in some areas, perhaps.

    But there is no magic bullet, no little white pill or revolving door that can turn our monsters into angels. We need to find our own way to manage. When we are desperate we are ripe for exploitation with magic thinking.

    There are other ways. Not so fast perhaps, but a lot cheaper and generally a lot more effective.