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    We have a 13 yr old son. He was at one time dual diagnosed EMI/EI, so the school system could send him to another school for his conduct issues. He is now diagnosed with having ODD. Lately, we had to hospitalize him, and Easter Seals will be working with our family and him in our home.
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    Welcome! Do you want me to have this moved to the General Forum? This is for insurance questions.

    Was your son diagnosed with any other mental health issues?
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    Hi! Is there an official diagnosis? ODD rarely stands alone, so you might want to get a neuropsychologist evaluation done to better understand what's going on.

    Try reading Ross Greene's "The Explosive Child". He gives some really good insight to the goings on with these kids.

    They truly drive you nuts! You're going to meet a lot of kindred spirits here with a lot of info, experience and the shoulders the size of linebackers to cry on.

    Welcome to the crowd! :smile:

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    We welcome you to the board - you have found a great place for support.

    Looking forward to your participation on the board and hearing a little more about what you and your difficult child are dealing with.

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    I just want to add my welcome too and to let you know that I'm glad you found us. There are lots of great people here!!! WFEN
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    Hi steve19121

    It would be the rare instance when an ODD child required hospitalization. Are you comfortable with-the diagnosis?

    Glad you found us and welcome!
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    Hello Steve and welcome. You have found a wonderful place for advise and kind words. I have learned a great deal here. The people here are very supportive and empathetic, everyone can relate to eachother, you will always find someone here who has gone through something similar to what you are dealing with.

    Hang in there. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless. :smile: