Oh and the hits just keep on coming....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, May 10, 2011.

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    difficult child and her boyfriend were asked to leave their apt by end of May. They can't find an affordable apt within a month, so they are moving into his parent's house...which unlike with easy child last year moving into her boyfriend's parent's house I was not happy, because difficult child's boyfriend is mostly normal and his parents are lovely people. They are giving difficult child and boyfriend the upstairs and charging only $400/mth. difficult child's boyfriend had his hours cut this week. difficult child's hours were cut down to 12 per week at her regular job so she got another full time job-but-was fired today because the owner's daughter came back from college and wants difficult child's job. So now she's job hunting again, living with her 'old man' boyfriend in his parent's house, indefinitely.

    On the upside, she's not drinking and drugging, so I'll just continue to pray she either finds full time work or goes back to school, or, dare I say it, BOTH
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    your right, at least she isn't doing that stuff. good for you look at the positives over and over again!!!!

    hang in there! so hard with the updates, right??

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    Well there is the off chance that this might be what she needs to motivate her for a change. I'll keep fingers crossed.

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    One of my favorite alanon sayings is, expect progress, not perfection.
  5. hearts and roses

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    It's funny how our expectations change as time goes on. Not that I ever expected perfection - definitely not from anyone! - I do revel in the progress, however! I like that saying, sums it up perfectly.

    Yes, hound, I hope so!
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    Jo, I think your dtr has done an amazing amount of growth since she has been dating and living with this man. He seems so good for her. I know he is a bit older than her but sometimes that is what some people need.

    As far as them having to go live in his parents home, well, its not ideal but sometimes things like this happen in this economy. If understandings are set before they move in, things should be fine. I am very proud of her!
  7. hearts and roses

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    Thank you Janet! I do think they are a good couple together - seem to be on the same wavelength in so many ways. And, he as a recovered addict, is doing well.

    My only issue is with how difficult a spot it puts difficult child in, in regards to his children from a prior relationship. The mother of those boys is just so evil and it pains difficult child that she doesn't have any say in matters. Plus, her boyfriend, nice a guy as he is, constantly tries to please everyone and as a results, get many people angry with him, including difficult child. He has a habit saying what he thinks people want to hear and that's not always the truth. Inevitably, difficult child figures it out, rips him one and things get back on track. It's the ex that worries me. She's spiteful and mean towards her children as a way to get back at difficult child's boyfriend and difficult child - it's sick. But so far, difficult child is handling it well - however, she worries about the boys.

    Thanks again, I find myself feeling proud of her in many ways as well!