Oh, what a good girl am I..patting myself on the back..lol


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Just so some of you will feel "guilty" :grin: I must announce that I cleaned drawers AND polished silver all afternoon.

I am amazed I caught the silverware before it began to pit!
:blush: It's been ages and I absolutely, positively DETEST doing that job.

But....bless her heart....my Mother is looking down from heaven and telling everyone "what a good girl DDD is taking
care of her nice things!" :bravo: I'm proud & tired. DDD


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You are an EXCELLENT GIRL, DDD. Good for you! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I've been busy today, too, but what I'm proudest of is that this afternoon ~after owning my car for 7 years~ I finally figured out how to change the time on the clock! :smile:



Well, the "guilt" worked. Naaa -- not really -- just a fleeting second. lol

I took 1/2 of a Sheila day (hair, nails, no kid, no phone). I'm reserving the other half of my day for when I have time to take it. lol

When you get your 2nd wind, come on down to Texas -- I have lots of stuff on my "to do" list that I can delegate. lol


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okay, I'm heating up my parafin hand spa so come on over for a dip.....

All good girls deserve a dip!!!!


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DDD ~ I hate polishing silver, too. The last time it needed to be done I offered easy child $20 to do it for me. She jumped at it thinking it would be an easy $20. When she was done she said she would pass next time.

I took 1/2 of a Sheila day (hair, nails, no kid, no phone).

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh, I like that idea! I think I'm going to start having some "Kathy" days. I know husband will ask if that's one of those crazy ideas I got from the CD board.


Hmmm. . . I think I will start with a long bubble bath.



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Oh what good girls we are!... As Fran has dubbed me on at least one occasion , "This old house warrior mom"--- I spent most of the day spackling new drywall. ( I will have a new house ---one 4x8 sheet at a time LOL). Fortunately for me (i suspect) I have no silver, so i don't know what i'm missing.

Sheila, love the idea of taking a sheila day. That might catch on here......



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Now I've been a bit of a slacker today but I've got to tell you about yesterday:
I polished brass at the church for altar guild and then I shoveled and chipped away the ice from the driveway of a 92 year old parishioner the recently broke her hip.
Then, I went out during a snowstorm to ensure that the church's wheelchair would be handy so that the parishioner could be brought to church without having to lug her wheelchair back and forth.
Gee it made me feel good to pitch in! :smile:


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Geez, if you had topped off your chores yesterday by going
to JFK for a quick flight to Florida to polish silver....
THEN you would have been my best friend for life! DDD

PS: Kathy, I laughed out loud. I offered easy child/difficult child $20 today
to polish the silver....even with the brain injury he remembered that the job was worth WAY more than $20. :grin:

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You are indeed a good girl :bravo: I wasn't that good but I did work, get in the grocery shopping, make chicken soup to have for dinner on Monday, made two dips for the super bowl tomorrow and even squeezed in a nap. :grin:
I LOVE to polish silver - it's an instant gratification thing. And I will be happy to go anywhere to do it. All it will cost anyone is a plane ticket.........and a two-bedroom place to live!!!!

I do windows too!


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DDD - I'm so impressed!!!! :bravo: Maybe a tad jealous over your energy level. :smile:

Isn't it amazing how good you feel after a burst of energetic cleaning. :smile:

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Oh, my! What an energetic and good girl you are! :smile:

At some point I'll have to bite the bullet and pull out mother in law's silver to polish. That there is more than one set doesn't make me want to do it. lol Ok, that I haven't a clue as to HOW to do it, makes me not want to do it. lmao I've never polished silver in my life. I don't know one thing about it.

So now I know who to come to when I finally have time to tackle the project. :smirk:


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When polishing silver, don't use the dips,creams, etc...
The dips, creams and such actually are toxic to some degree. Also they have a tendency to turn the silver different colors.

Use just a plain silver polishing cloth. All you have to do is rub your silver with it. There is only one step. The cloth will eventually turn black and that is a good thing since it works at it's full potential when blackened up.

My mom has a silver plated candleholder that she used a cream on. I noticed a yellow tint so I took a polishing cloth and cleaned it with that and it turned out beautiful and bright. I just did that yesterday. I asked for her silverware but she said it was too much to do and I didn't need to do it. She was amamzed at how much easier it was to do than to use the cream.


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I've just got to ask this. Maybe I am doing something wrong and don't know it? :confused:

Am I the only person who uses Tarn-X on my silver?

OMG, it's so easy. You just put some on a Handi-wipe and the tarnish comes right off. Or, you put some in a bowl and as soon as you dip the silver in it, it sparkles. Then I wash the silver with soap and water, dry it, and I'm done.

The only downside is that when the tarnish comes off in this stuff, it smells like rotten eggs (or like you are getting a permanent on her hair :tongue: )



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I would like to announce that due to having been the silver polisher as a young girl...I REFUSE to have silver in my home!


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Lisa.......just hire Amy!!!! LOL. DDD

PS: I don't know how long it's been but you really can't
wait too long because the darn stuff tarnishes and if you wait too too long, it gets permanent pits. Yuck!

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:rofl: DDD

Okay. So now I have to polish silver during Spring break. Oh, goody. :tongue: Think I'll enlist the help of both easy child and N since it is actually their silver. They might as well learn how to care for it. lol

It has been awhile. mother in law hasn't been up to doing it for the past few years. And I've had it little more than a year.

Okay, so where do I buy this magic cloth someone spoke of ??? And or tarn-x if I can't find the cloth. Tarn-x sounds familiar to me for some odd reason......

I wouldn't have silver in my house either. When we have family gatherings and such I'm a paperplate plastic silverware type of gal. lmao

But this is part of my girl's inheritance from mother in law. That and several china sets that have been in the family for generations. So I'm both silver and china gaurdian til the girls are firmly set into family life and ready to take on their own sets. Unfortunately I'll still have a set of each as stepgfg was disinherited after what she pulled on husband and I, and I haven't a clue as to if she'll ever straighten out enough to get hers. (mother in law is terrified stepgfg would sell hers for the money)