Oh wonderful-NOT-peanut butter


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all day I was watching and a PB was recalled for salmonella. Must be 10 times I checked our PB to make sure it was not that brand.
But just now the TV said a store brand also is affected. UG.I checked one more time and ACK! Our almost empty jar that we had today and yesterday for breakfast and lunch is that brand and that lot number. Grrr.
worse, I am on immunosuppressants. :-(


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Chances are, you'll be fine. They recall an entire batch to be on the safe side, but if it had been contaminated you would probably already be sick. The reason you're on immunosuppressants is to damp down an overactive immune system - you could be safer than most, despite the medication.

At least, keep telling yourself that. Because if you DO get sick, you'll be able to tell them you think you know what's wrong. Just don't eat any more of it until it's either confirmed or declared safe. And hey, even if nobody gets sick - you STILL should be getting a refund, or a new jar of peanut butter!

If you're worried, call your doctor to be on the safe side. he will know more of the fine detail of the recall. Or if he doesn't, his medical degree plus your health issues will open up the information flow.



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The way I understood it, it's kind of a long shot that any one jar of peanut butter is contaminated. It better be because I've got a jar of it myself, and had already eaten half of it before these news stories came out! But I would think that if I was going to get sick from it, I would have already ... and I didn't.



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As I heard the report there were no reported cases of salmonella, just the possibility existed. Hope all is well and the peanut butter "gets fixed".


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We have a jar in our cupboard, too. Half-gone, too. Peanut butter is an absolute staple in our house. I'm the only one who doesn't eat it.

husband looked up "Peter Pan Recall" on the net last night - they said that they couldn't find salmonella at any of their facilities, but that the only thing the folks suffering had in common was the peanut butter. He also looked up salmonella and they said you would have symptoms between 6 and 72 hours from the time of ingestion, so I would suspect that if we had it, we'd already know. 3/4 of our little family unit has a cold, but that's to be expected this time of year.

If Peanut Butter isn't safe, what's next, right?? :surprise: Cheerios??



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Well, so far so good, but...LOL- not anything I wanted to hear.
During the nite I got this emergency email notification that talks a little about it.

During the Tylenol tampering in the ?early 80s? I was waiting tables in a coffee shop where the paramedic s and police that were responding to those first calls were trying to eat their "lunch" and we were just a block from those victims. The victims were customers in the coffee shop I worked in, too. They lived a scant block from the coffee shop, and yeah all of us used the store where they got that tylenol, and yeah quite a few of us had tylenol from that store. Now THAT was really scary. -once they figured that out.


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My second thought was how this will affect the company that makes the peanut butter!

geez, by the time they discover stuff is bad, it can be too late! why cant they test this stuff before it leaves the plant?


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ant'smom - it is tested. Just not every single jar.

What probably happened is one line either wasn't cleaned properly, jars or such weren't sterilized correctly, or the jars weren't sealed correctly. What the company is probably doing is recalling everything that was made on that day, on that line. Knowing how the codes are usually done on products, they are recalling everything made on the 211 day of last year, on line 1.

From what I've heard, they still aren't sure the PNB is the culprit, they don't actually have any that has tested positive for the bug. But from the interviews with the people who have come down with it, that was the only "common" thing that could be identified.


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I think this is the premise of next season's 24. Jack will have to run around trying to find the "infected" peanut butter because terrorists have infected the US supply.....


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We have one jar at work. We have one jar open at home. We have
one jar in the pantry still sealed. All three have THE number
sequence. I am NOT going to Skippy to the Jiffy. I want MY
peanut butter brand! I'll go without until the problem is taken
care of.......I'm a loyalist! LOL! DDD


I have 2 jars in the pantry, one half eaten. Having to return the lids annoyed me so I sent an e-mail to my local grocery where I bought this and they said they'd give me my money back. I'm off with receipt in hand. LOL.

Yes, I'm back to Skippy! I only bought it because it was the Plus and was on sale. Learned my lesson!

Since the lid has 11 numbers AFTER the 4 numbers I'm sure there are millions and millions of these jars out there! I've had mine 2 weeks, so there are probably lots in the stores as well.

When you think about all the millions of jars, how many sandwiches can be made with one jar and so forth...300 or so people sick isn't a lot. But for folks like dreamer it can be fatal so I guess I'm glad the FDA is on this.