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Hello everyone,

I was at Central Market today and picked up a box of OMEGA-3 supplements for my six year old. It comes in a pudding form and is perfectly safe for 4 and up. Has anyone tried this supplement and what were the results: good, bad ,indifferent?

I figured it couldn't hurt if I can get him to take it. I think I read somewhere that this type of supplement helps ADHD kids.

Thanks for any replies in advance!


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I used fish oil capsules (Omega-3 source)with selenium and Grapeseed extract (Phyconochol source) under a doctor's supervision when difficult child was in Middle school. the combination of the three (omega-3, Phyconochol, and selenium)has been shown effective in preliminary studies. I cannot remembethe suggested dosages but an internet search should bring it up.

I do think I saw some positive results but difficult child refused to take them after only a short while because of the amount he needed to take and the after taste the fish oil capsuls left. We found it easier to give him perscription drugs as it was only two pills a day as verses 7. -RM

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difficult child has been sticking to it for about a month now. She takes an Omega combo (2 horse sized capules) and a multi with extra B's in it. I also try to slip ground flaxseed or flaxseed oils into our foods. I notice an improvement, but nothing amazing. Her skin looks better, she sleeps better and she seems *a little* calmer. I followed the doses recommened by her regular dr.


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My difficult child takes fish oil and I have found it helpful. It seemed to stop working when I switched to the capsules instead of the liquid but I wasn't using the right dose. I have since upped the dose and find it helps some with the mood swings and aggresion. It has many positive health effects and no bad side effects except the taste that I am aware of. The Bipolar Child book has dosing instructions and states same name brands, the mixture of the 2 forms, DHA and EPA are important.


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a few yrs back TIME magazine had a great article about this stuff. I bought a mego sized bottle. it helps lots of ills according to what I have read. however a lot of the bottle sits there still because we all hated those "fishy" burps.