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    I got an approval letter in the mail today for a low income condo I sent an application in on. Of course because S2BX and I are not D'd yet, S2BX would have to sign two legal documents stating a. he has not interest in the property and b. that he is not paying the child support, both of which would have Occupational Therapist (OT) be notorized. Now there's no way he will sign them and he's in jail to boot, so another roadblock, sigh................
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    I am glad you got the letter. Maybe if you put some $$ on his commissary tab he would sign? Or is there something he has been wanting that you could let him have to get him to sign?

    I think that you and the kids would all be better able to work with-each other if you had your own place. Just in my humble opinion, but maybe it would be worth giving him something as an "incentive" to sign the papers?
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    I would get your attorney to take those papers in and persuade him to sign - either that or really push for the divorce to go thru like yesterday.

    Mine signed off on the house and gave it to me as a "gift" when escrow closed - we were still married- but Ca. doesn't care because I paid with community property money (my paycheck - he never had a freaking job..sigh) I even had him sign off my paycheck, and it was notorized, but Ca. doesn't care about that either.

    Can you take title in Mrs. Amaze, a married woman as her sole and separate property?? That is how my title reads.