On Moose Poop, Mania & Musings...Mwaaa

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by totoro, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well I have decided If K is even half as unstable next year during this time of year as she is now... we will skip Christmas.
    It is altogether too much for her. The weeks leading up to it. All of it.
    As we sat at dinner and poor N sat and kept asking where is K, why isn't she here?
    We had to PRN her and she stayed up in her room and husband had to bring her food and help her... she sat and told me how bad she was, how confused she was.
    How she was scared Santa was going to come and take hew presents because she was so horrible.
    She was so all over the board one minute barely OK the next screaming because she didn't get enough presents... fully unable, to calm down.
    I remember going through these things as a child. So much turmoil, yet unable to explain the confusion going on in my head, the chaos...
    She is having issues with germs also!!! Afraid if anyone drinks something of hers. Changes her mind every few minutes... I am so tired... She has a psychiatrist apt Thursday, husband is not letting me go !!!! LOL
    He is afraid I will, hmmm maybe get upset???

    Anyway so then I was just sitting here feeling so beat up tired... like crying. Like, why do I have to medicate my child to make it through Fricken Christmas!?!?!?!

    Sometimes I just hate it all...
    and then I open up the laptop, and see Stars* Post about Moose Poop... and I had to laugh and it made me smile and it made me laugh and you know what... it made me feel a bit better!!! It is 10:30 and the kids are finally asleep...
    I made it though the day.
    I love that little brown lump passed out on my feet... even with his sharp little teeth, he is a good little man!!! He is trying hard!!!

    So thanks, I hope some of you had a nice day. Or parts of the day were good!!! I did get a tin of French Truffles from the neighbors!!! I have been stuffing them in my face all day!!!
    Ahh life... will I ever get to see K again??? Is this her now? Who will she become?
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I'm sorry xmas was almost too much for k. I remember when I was a kid it could be so rough.

    What am I saying, often as an adult it can still be so rough! :rofl:

    I certainly hope psychiatrist does something to help even her out, the poor kid. Maybe now that the holiday is over some of the gfgdom will calm down, too.

    I cracked up over the moose poop too. Right when I needed it.

    I survived yet another xmas. And even managed to enjoy some of it.

  3. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Moose poop, mania and musings.............sounds like the title to a best seller! You and I can co-write it as a guide to surviving the antics of a manic bi-polar child.........oh wait........we have not totally done that yet! Hmmppfff! :wink: But we will! Right?

    I am so sorry K is still all over the place. Boy! Not sure of any suggestions at this point. How long has she been on the Topomax? I know it takes a while to work.

    Cmas is really, really difficult on these kids. Way too much stimulation - it just fries their neurons. One year we did the twelve days of cmas - one gift a day for 12 days - but even that was not too helpful.

    And that lil Moose........he is gonna be a handful.........but take him to training classes, on miles of walks, and give him a job to do, like carrying around a backpack with water bottles in it all day. Seriously, working dogs need "jobs" to feel more grounded and complete. Plus it wears off more of their energy.
    Well, hang in there. I hope today finds you resting and able to find peace, and that K is so worn out, she is able to find the same.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Toto -

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I wish there were something I had read somewhere that I could say and sound clever that would help your baby. But I have nothing. I will continue to think good vibes for her and you.

    When we run out of ideas on how to fix things, we go to our friends, when they exhaust all of their ideas - we go to professionals, when they exhaust all of their ideas we feel like we're so alone - but know YOU are NEVER alone.

    I'm quite sure I need a picture-fix of Moose on the loose very soon.

    I used a lot of suggestions about my "canceling Christmas" here to survive the holiday and we made it. Of course I had little boosts of energy with mouth fulls of moose poop-(different MOose I assure you)

    IF I can bring a chuckle into anyones life - I'm honored.

    SO what do I say now - Hugs & Poop....Star?

    Hugs & Moosepoop