one excuse to use is stress.....


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Yet we on here have been stressed for years beause of them, and i would say most of us don't abuse drugs or alcohol. So that excuse is lame. They need to pull on some big girl/boy pants and deal with life like the rest of us wo drugs.


Exactly!! Life is stressful. There is no way to avoid stress completely, but there are productive ways to deal with it. My daughter is a competitive gymnast who suddenly developed mental blocks. Her reasoning, she was scared. The coach told her, fear is healthy, it's what helps keep us alive. I feel the same way about stress.


This is not an excuse, but a reason - some people have fewer inner reserves and less strength of character - and some are "highly sensitive" and may not have good coping skills - there are so many variables that people can have - some people are just tougher and more resilient than others.