One step forward, two steps back

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Shari

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    difficult child had one teacher at school who was not "on board". She fought and fought to make him sit still in time out when he couldn't behave in class and finally decided his behavior wasn't just lack of structured discpline. She told me Wednesday and asked if I had suggestions, and I said yes, quietly have someone call me and I will remove him from school for some made up reason. I don't want to be picking him up all the time, but I also don't want him to figure out that he can behave like that at school and no one can really stop him.

    So yeah, she's finally on board.

    Boo! He either overheard or a buddy overheard and relayed to him (I swear he was out the door - so did teacher). So he spent yesterday pushing EVERY teacher's buttons trying to get sent home. Which I didn't know til this morning.

    So enter the rest of the story. He had gymnastics last night. It was the teacher that will not work with him. Per the program director, someone is supposed to go out and keep difficult child directed during class, but this particular teacher just thinks difficult child needs more firm discipline and he'll figure it out. Anyway, last night, director wasn't there, teacher sent me off the floor, HE would handle difficult child alone, and guess what he did? SENT difficult child HOME BECAUSE HE COULDN'T BEHAVE. Reinforced what I didn't know difficult child had overheard at school...

    I was angry last night because there is a workable solution in place if I didn't have to prove to this gymnastics teacher that my kid isn't just a spoiled brat. Now I'm really angry cause difficult child has tested the theory he can manipulate a situation with his behavior and gymnastics teacher played right into it.
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    Sorry for the frutration - it stinks!!! Can you get a 504 plan in place for difficult child at school? This way all are on board and measures HAVE to be followed through with. Is there another adult at gymnastics to "shadow" difficult child? Maybe you need to meet with all adults involved at gymnastics so everyone is on the same page and difficult child will not be able to manipulate the situation as much? Soory I don't have better suggestions - hang in there!!!!
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    So sorry. Many of our kids are extremely good at manipulating people. He may have heard staff discussing it at a different time.

    Is there a way to have the director come down hard on the gymnastics instructor? If you work well with the director, then explain to the director the problem he caused.

    Seems like you may have to invent a reason, or have son go to the resource room?

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    Ya know...this idea just came to me... maybe I wait a week or two to let the dust settle, then have his school teacher sneak a call to me on a couple of days he's being particularly good, then I pick him up a couple hours early for no real apparent reason - certainly not behavior related...
    At least throw off the confirmation he got that bad behavior = go home early.