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    As you all know, my family are avid (not good) but avid golfers. :bow: Each year as a group we have several golf weekend outings & enjoy each other's company as we play. Of course, the women play behind the men.

    On the 5th hole, the men always send the drink cart back with paid round for those slow women who are holding up play behind us. Well, we slow women always took up the men on those rounds & ordered the drink carts to provide us another round on the 8th hole to be paid for by the men ahead. :bigsmile: My mom always always insisted that this slowed down play & would get very irritated with the boys up front buying us rounds - especially dad. Those of us playing with mom would just chuckle & enjoy our lemonade.

    Last year, after mom died, & on the few rounds of golf I got in before I became ill, we dedicated the 5th hole to mom & raised a Mike's hard to mom after we finished putting. It's become another of our family traditions - just among the ladies (my sisters & SILs) in the family.

    Happy memories - just happy memories.

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    What a great tradition and great memories. I like the way your family golfs!
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    That sounds like fun! Enjoy your trip (er....even though I forget when you said it was :bag: )

    My Grandpa was a very avid golfer (and pretty good). When he died, my Grandma had him cremated. I told Dad and a couple of the uncles that when he was brought back up this way from Florida, they should pull off at Augusta, sneak in somewhere and scatter a bit of him there. He would have loved being (somewhat) at a PGA course!
  4. I'll drink to that too - Lovely memory!
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    Linda what a nice day...Tribute and all.
    You know husband truly believes one of the reasons why he and his Step-Brother (who was a self medicating BiPolar (BP)) stayed out of trouble whlile they were young, was due to the fact that they golfed as a family.
    It was not a plan by his parents but merely a way to always have a foursome!!!
    So on Sundays he could never be too hung over... because he had to get up and GOLF!!!
    He also believes that Golf is one of the best tools you can teach a difficult child... because it is something they will always have, something they can do by them self, you don't really need to be skilled in a sport to be OK at golf... or become great at golf!!!
    It does not have to be SO expensive... there are great deals on used equipment.
    We have been working on the girls for awhile now.
    I think it teaches them self control, self-suficiency...
    husband just thinks it is one of the best things for a GIRL especially... they can use it into later careers... and a lot of older women golfers admit it kept them out of trouble!!!
    And it does feel really good to just smack that ball!!! And I am not that good at all... you know what else? I even like my in-laws more on the golf course!!!
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    Strange isn't it. My dad loved to golf. Mom's parents had run golf courses so she grew up on them. Dad started as a caddy at one of the local courses where he grew up. then was able to play on caddy day etc. I used to golf with him some. When I was younger I would golf the first six with him and then head to the pool. He would finish the last three and do one more round and then collect me at the pool(obviously we belonged to just a nine hole club). I haven't picked up golf clubs since he died in 1996. Just could never do it without him. But lovely memories.

    Glad your family does this. Glad I got to think about dad for a bit too.

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    When I lived in Florida, I lived on a golf course. Now, I'm not a great golfer by any means, but nearly every dusk, I'd sneak out onto the 9th hole by our house and golf a bit. It was a course that required you to be in a cart. No one in 11 years ever stopped me by walking.

    I'm a great driver...can drive a good 300 yards most times, but take a dozen attempts to actually get it in the hole.

    I actually hit some guy on the back one time. Was with a friend and she was getting bored and said...just hit the ball! No! There is someone on the green. Just do it. So, I hit the ball...yep, nailed the guy in the back. I was so embarrassed. I'm yelling out...SORRY!!!:surprise:

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    What wonderful memories, and a grand new tradition for the ladies. I hope you have a great time, all of you.

    (I so want your family lol)

    Our family's "thing" was rollerskating. I literally grew up on skates, had my first pair on before I was 2. Now that everyone is spread all over the country it is only a fond distant memory. Thanks for making me think of it. :redface: