Our first appointment this a.m.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Lulu, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Well, we FINALLY got into the Child Behavior Clinic at our local children's hospital. It was a half-hour appointment with a psychology resident. The sessions are observed (behind a mirror) by a team of pediatric psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians, who all consult on the direction the therapy needs to take. Today's visit was mostly intake info. I received some paperwork to fill out on my own, including the BASC-2, and a BASC-2 for N's preschool teacher to fill out. N played while the therapist and I talked, but he was listening carefully. He interrupted several times to correct me, or to add information to mine. We go back in two weeks. Would go back in one, but there is a conference everyone will be at that day. Sigh. I'm also supposed to keep a log of his behavior problems in the interim, including triggers and a 1-10 ranking of how bad the behavior is.

    So, that's all I got! Thanks for listening. Any ideas that occur to you are welcomed.
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    With my girl, Danae (pronounced Danay), we didnt do that, the pediatrician gave me the basc, and one for the teacher, I filled mine out mailed it back, sent the other with daughter to school, with the instructions for the teacher and the envelope addressed to the pediatrician. He called me personally, when he had both in hand, we went in and he announced she definitely has ADHD mommy, we can manager her here or you can go to see a psychiatrist. I opted for him.

    With Eric, things have been much different, the pediatrician has alot of stuff to go through, hospital records, the first early intervention where they said he had an adaptive delay. The first time anyone said anything about hyperactivity was in 10/06 at his physical, in 08/06 they said he had a speech delay.. bump after bump, and I reallly do wish that they would interview him, without me in the room, because I sincerely think that my being in the room, doesnt give them a clear picture of what Eric is like. Im like a security blanket, and I think if I wasnt there Id trust the evaluation's more.

    Atleast you started in the right direction, evaluations and people are listening to your input, instead of just looking at you and saying you know mommy I hear this all day long from parents.
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    It sounds like a good start, Lulu. Be sure and make copies of all the paperwork you fill out, as well as the forms the teachers do on him.
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    thanks for sharing your thoughts, ladies. As I keep my behavior journal for N, I keep coming back to all the times I want to tell N something or remind him about something, and I just have to keep my mouth shut so we can avoid negative behaviors. This morning was teddy bear day at his preschool, and I started to remind him that his bear was in his backpack, but I remembered that he was so set yesterday on NOT bringing a bear to school, that if I mentioned it before we left this house this a.m., I was asking for trouble. I feel nauseated knowing this is how I am going to be living for the next, oh, fifteen years with him. This is how I had to live with my dad, and how I have to live with my husband in order to avoid unpleasant verbal responses, and gee whiz it's how I'll live with at least one kid, if not two. OH, sorry I got off on that little aside. Sigh.

    So, anyway, I'm hoping the log I'm keeping will help the therapist, me, and N get on the right road.
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    Having the same scenario play itself out over and over in different people is completely mind-numbing, it can be very frustrating. The nausea will cease as you just come to accept that these people were put in your path/care for a reason and maybe you are doing the teaching or maybe you are learning. As we go along, we teach less and learn more.
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    How true. Thank you for reminding me to keep my ears, eyes, mind and heart open for lessons.