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    I know many of us have been here quite a while, but we do have some newbies (or sort of newbies) here that I don't see on other forums.

    I wanted to tell you about the Parent Input/Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) thread.

    Parent Input is a form some of the wise parents here created to help us keep everything our kiddos go through straight. It isn't exactly a form, more an outline I guess.

    It lets you put your hopes and dreams for your child, his strenghths and weaknesses as YOU see it, test results, medications he takes/has taken, most everything you need/use in a handy format so you don't spend hours searching for everything.

    You always want to be careful what info you give to whom. School does NOT always need all the info, it depends on the situation. Pretty much that is the rule. Doctors usually need the info, UNLESS you want them to do a clear evaluation with no prior bias. Sometimes this is helpful.

    I kept copies of this in the 3-ring binder it is in. I had an up-to-date photo on the front, and a smaller one on the beginning of each section. They xeroxed quite well. The photos remind people that this info is about a PERSON :salute: , and WHICH person as many times it is hard to put names to faces when you see 30-40 patients a day.

    I just thought this might help someone.

    You can find this on the FAQ/Board Help forum, just above the General Forum on the page that lists all the forums.

    Hugs to all!

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    Thanks, Susie. I wanted to help bump this up for others to see.