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    Absolutely I've done it and absolutely it was helpful and very well received! Who knows your child better than you? I think it's very, very helpful for the health professional to have the history of medications, early development, familly social profile, past medications, past treatments, etc. It's like taking a couple modeling photos to a modeling call. It's a snapshot of who your child is.

    And, word of wisdom, I believe that archived information suggests not trying to complete it all at one time; I agree. I did an outline with mine and then would go back and fill out sections. I worked on my difficult child's report over the course of a couple weeks - that was about four and half years ago. Every now and again when something changes (an improved behavior, a new medication, some new breakthrough with behavior or academics, etc.) I update it.

    Definately worth the time and love.

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    I have done this and strongly encourage EVERYONE to do this. I give copies to new docs, updates to old ones, and some of the info to the school. Having this done helped me catch the school when they changed my son's IEP and helped me fight to get a blanket agreement for any accommodation ANY of my kids needs in exchange for not suing the school. It has been useful.

    Take the time to do this, it helps give a full picture of your child to anyone who is working with him.