Parents right to review ARD paperwork prior to agreeing

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    What regulation gives the parent the right to review the printed hard copy of the IEP as proposed (noted in deliberations) prior to signing they agree with the ARD?

    A district refused to implement the Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) without the parent signing they agreed prior to reviewing the printed copy. The LSSP for district stated the ARD chair (AP) had the discretion to table the ARD when the parent was not willing to sign agreeing other than for attendance prior to review of paperwork without implementing the services discussed because parent wanted to assure it was typed and boxes were checked as discussed.

    I know in many IEP meetings and districts it has been accepted to put a statement in the deliberations "Parent agrees to IEP as discussed but wants the opportunity to review the paperwork for accuracy of discussion prior to signing to agree". My reason being is once you sign the IEP; district personnel will say at a later ARD but Mr. SoandSo you agreed to this IEP when signed it at the last ARD?

    The District LSSP stated it was not a policy and could not direct me to a regulations stating this was an appropriate decision to with hold services until the ARC could reconvene to discuss the parent's review.
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    A parent has 10 days to sign an IEP. Until it's signed, the old IEP stands.

    I never sign an IEP at the meeting. We've never had to reconvene a meeting to review my changes to the IEP. (So far, they've been minor changes and this could by the reason why.)