Parent went to school to get homebound form

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    She is told she must sign a release of medical records prior to getting
    the form, it is school policy. She knows better, she calls me I tell
    her to go see the registrar and ask for it, gets the same answer.

    Then I tell her to go to Diagnotician and with what ; she has been
    through with this district she keeps recorder with her at all times.
    Instead very of the diag she gets the AP, the Diag and the nurse. She
    informs them she is recording. They all tell her it is "THE LAW" (which
    we have heard many times for these who don't know THE LAW).

    She repeats back to them," So you are saying It is the law I have to
    release my child's medical records prior to receiving Home bound form?"
    (by the way my son had been put on home bound by his psychiatrist at least 2-3
    times) She goes to the Dr. and the nurse is flabbergasted, they
    actually let her taped them saying such incorrect information.

    She is looking right now for the law to back her up before she goes back
    tomorrow to try again to get the form for the doctor with a note from
    the doctor on a RX pad requesting it. I told her to go to THHS or just
    Google HIPPA, to me it is a violation of the girls civil rights, I know
    the doctor makes a statement of diagnosis on the form. She has FOUR axis 1 and
    we have already gave them a letter with the diagnosis.

    This is the same; District who took the dress off the 3 yr old, without
    parental consent, without nurse doing it and no note sent home on
    Valentines. She emailed teacher two times no response for two days, so
    she emailed superintendent and bcc another who would call the super, the
    teacher responds immediately. but GUESS WHAT! THE 3 yr got served with
    a truancy letter the very next day! She hadn't missed but a couple
    though she won a TEA complaint for one early in the year!

    They (the SD) really like the mom a whole lot better when she didn't
    attend the ARD's are never question the IEP'S OR SERVICES. She has a
    16yr and a 14 yr old on 3 grade level, a 10 year old being evaluated
    just diagnosis maj depression, 6 yr old in Spec Serv 2 yrs and still on Kndg
    level at the end of first grade, and now a 3 yr old who she un-enrolled
    but the don't have a code for why she un-enrolled her and the registrar
    will not return her calls or emails!

    HMMMMM, would you call it harassment, retaliation? She un-enrolled the
    3yr old and while the mom was sleeping , she calls me to tell me she
    cant go to school anymore! The mom didn't believe the 3yr old when she
    told her she had called me TOO FUNNY
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    They are being asinine with intent and forethought -- but you both already know that.

    When sd's pull this "policy" garbage, tell them, "Make me a copy of the policy. I'll wait."