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  1. tiredmommy

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    Hi Parker and welcome. I've noticed you've started a number of threads here in the WC, which is a bit unusual for a new member. Why all the questions?
  2. Parker

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    No specific reason other than making conversation. You're right, I am new here and looking to find things in common with you folk. Is it making people uncomfortable?
  3. tiredmommy

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    Some. Our group of parents tends to be very battle-weary and I am very protective of the members. It makes some folks uncomfortable when they are being asked questions by someone that is a relative stranger to them. One member has commented to me that they are concerned you're gathering information rather than legitimately participating in this forum as the parent or caregiver to a difficult child. I would hope that is not the case.
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  4. Marguerite

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    Parker, we've had some recent problems and I think it makes some people a bit gun-shy. As someone who has interacted with you (as has my husband) I'm feeling okay about the conversations. However, we do a lot more here than just make conversation. You've given your profile, we can see the sort of issues you're dealing with too. Duck on over to General and see what you can find there too. After all, if this was a workplace, the boss would haul our rear ends out to the street if all we ever did was hang around the Watercooler!

  5. Parker

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    OK...this explains the recent events where I was unable to access this place.

    I too am one of those battle weary male parent and I choose to find things to discuss other than my kids unless I really need too. I can imagine that there are women here that do not trust men and probably have good reason not to, but you know what? I ain't one of those men. I work alone, my wife and I work opposite shifts so someone is always home with the kids which translates that I don't have many people to talk with about issues. As to collecting information on people??!! Yeah, it's should see my wall chart about who reads what. :eyeroll:

    It seems I've upset the apple cart here and to tell you the truth, there will always be that person who will not trust me but I can't help that. It was not my intent to cause problems or anxiety among you so I'll say my good-byes. I really enjoyed my short stay here, I received some very good advice and thought I could really enjoy getting to know many of you.

    Take care.
  6. Star*

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    The man does drink SCOTCH......that could be a difficult child parental giveaway. :sochildish: