Past couple days, missed psychiatrist apt...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    So K, for her last psychiatrist apt, we used the element of surprise and we had to drag her to the apt, she hid under the table... not good.
    So this time, Thursday, we told her about apt. we said we would do something something special after.
    The morning of she freaked out. She cried, screamed, hid, anxiety sky high. husband finally said "I am not doing this" "I am not driving 2 hours to traumatize her to sit with some jerk for 45 minutes who doesn't believe us for what?"
    So he called and left a message and psychiatrist called him back, he was in agreement with husband, (not about him being a jerk) but he wants us to push the Topamax faster. We aren't seeing really negative or positive yet... he said try to get her up to to 100mg ASAP, while she is on break. If she is tolerating it OK.

    We have her up to 75mg right now. She has some dulling, but that is it, besides all of her "normal" ups and downs...

    We did get her up to the ski hill yesterday, huge headache... lots of work. husband and I had to be next to her and N with the instructor, but it was SO worth it!!! She started getting the hang of it... starting making turns down the hill, little pizza wedges and french fries... they both had smiles the whole time!!!
    We tried to keep it fun and cheer them on the whole time... husband and I ran up and down the hill, back and forth... (my foot hurts)

    She did really well, so did N!!! I was so proud. Instructor said she is going to do well.
    On our way home we saw our first MOOSE of the season!!! Female... she was sauntering down the landing strip of our little airport... in town.

    We payed the price for our excitement today though, K was a wreck, couldn't think straight, was overly emotional, crying, angry... cycling.
    It is so frustrating, whenever we do anything, we have to plan on taking the next day off, she wouldn't even leave the house today to play out in the snow or go for a walk.
    Anyway just a little update, we are calling psychiatrist next week for update... The psychiatrist we are trying to see in AZ is going to call us towards the end of JAN.
  2. flutterbee

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    So, psychiatrist doesn't think he's a jerk? *snort* Sorry. That just struck me really funny. :rofl:

    I'm sorry K is still struggling. I'm going to do some kind of moon dance to make January go by fast so that the AZ psychiatrist's call will be here.

    It sounds like the skiing was a good day. It :censored2: that you pay for it a day later, but hopefully each good experience will build from the last and maybe the 'pay for it days' won't be so hard, or last as long or be as many, Know what I mean??

    Did you get your foot looked at? (The correct answer is yes.) :angel:
  3. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    LOL, "the correct answer is yes".

    Well, did you?

    I think you did the right thing, cancelling the appointment. While Heather does a moon dance, I will add a sun dance to move things along. I am so sorry your babies are having a hard time.

    Hey, the moose you saw...did it leave any poop? Star says she is almost out.

    Hugs and kisses all around.
  4. Wiped Out

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    I'm sorry K is struggling so much. I feel bad for her and for you. I know it can be so exhausting. I'm glad you had fun skiing but sorry it didn't carry over to home. I'm with Heather on doing some kind of dance to make January go fast for you. Hugs and prayers.
  5. busywend

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    You definitely did the right thing by not making her go. She was way to anxious to force that upon her - especially if the psychiatrist is a jerk! LOL!

    I am glad you got to see some smiles at the ski slope. Now the hard part is to remember to plan for the day off after doing any fun things like that.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Heather when you said Moon dance I almost snorted somfin' out my nose!!! I laughed so hard!!! I talked K the other night into (we were all in the hottub) getting out and naked... climbing up the little snow hill and giving herself a "snow booty" !!! husband and I were laughing so hard... she ran screaming back into the tub... but did she do it again??? Uh huh!!!

    Oh and yes, I said to husband when I spotted the Moose, "Pull over, I am going to see if it poops... so I can get some to send to a friend" He said "you are not chasing a fricken Moose to send some to one of your online friends!!! I read what you girls 'chat' about"
    Proceeds to roll his eyes, I said whatever you lurker... He said "Hey someone has to keep and eye on you!" Ha Ha...

    Actually K was out of it this a.m. and I am finding "Happy Feet" the cd.... works wonders for us... we have been using it for months. We stopped for a month or so and I played it this a.m. and we rocked out!!! While I made breakfast.

    Also, My little ponies... I hate them but love them... the girls love em. I found a couple of unicorn ones... they played nicely while I folded laundry with Moose/Indy, for 30 minutes!!!
    Sure the topic is Death, abandonment, etc... but they seem to have fun.

    psychiatrist I guess is not such a jerk he is just cold... and he never ever offers options, besides time outs. He just acts like one minute he doesn't believe then he is talking all about kids with mental illness... then he wants to hospitalize her... but has no extended plan. No plan for what to do for treatment, or suggestions.
    If I ask what would you do with a child like her? It is hospitalize...what? But what about after? Nothing... His whole program is about behavior and school.
  7. Steely

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    Sending sorry K is still struggling so much. I hope the Topomax is a missing piece of this whole equation.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Dear Mr. Lurking Totoro, devoted husband to Toto, father to K/N beautiful little girls, pseudo dad to IndyMoose -

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT STOPPING!!!!!!!!!! I can't possibly even consider eating another bite. Thank you.

    Toto darling? Thank you so much for thinking of me again! But I wants da kind that says on the package VERY RARE. Me thinks wild gigantic deer ta-ta would not be rare.

    And what's with Heather dancing in the moonlight? DID YOU TAPE CHICKEN LIVERS TO YOUR ELBOWS = it honestly won't work unless you do that you know. (It doesn't work real well if you do either, but your neighbors will NEVER bother you again)

    As far as the psychiatrist? Seriously have you ever gone in and asked him exactly WHAT his credentials were? How much experience he has working with BiPolar (BP) children?

    We got a caseworker one time - no joke true story - that the first meeting with difficult child got up and yelled at difficult child to SIT down and start listening. I thought OH GOOD - you can handle kids. DF left the room, and in order to "keep our foot in the service door" as it were I had to entertain this clown for 8 weeks. At one point our "family wrap service" consisted of he and I going to a doughnut shop and getting coffee." When they sent me the bill I sent them my receipt from the coffee shop with a nasty letter - stating what this man had not done for my family and they had the nerve to charge me. He had also told me that he had a messed up childhood, his father didn't love him and his step-dad was closer to him that his mother. Nuf sed. I also told the agency that I should have sent THEM a bill - he (caseworker) did recently try to call me - wouldn't leave a detailed message - but you could tell he was angry. I thought tough moose poop buddy - you don't want to be a counselor - you just didnt have the grades to get into Dartmouth. Sheez.

    If you don't like him - don't go. He's a jerk, not all of them are nice. But Keep praying for AZ to be the ticket.