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    Ok one more stab. Just one more. Obviously we haven't endured quite enough. The court decided (at dhs' reccommendation) that we wait until shortly before difficult child 1's 18th birthday to have another court hearing to decide what is going to happen. Now keep in mind that she is 18 in 73 days.

    So now difficult child 1 gets to continue until then without knowing what is going to happen in her world. All because someone has their head in their rear. I can't believe how hard the ball has been dropped on this one. So we know no more on this than we did this morning.

    To top it off their is some sort of meeting tommorrow about difficult child 1 that we are not going to be included in. I am majorly displeased. It is for "professionals" only. Livid actually might be a good word.

    This situation is just a comedy of errors really. difficult child 1's attorney forgot he had court and was late. Hadn't talked to her. Didn't make any reccommendations. Nothing really but give a letter that he had gotten from difficult child 1's therapist to the judge. Now keep in mind as her GAL he is supposed to be doing what is in her best interest. Hmmmm imagine that another person not living up to what they are supposed to be doing.

    The dhs worker had her supervisor their today. Neither of them willingly talked to us.

    After the hearing the one counselor that drove difficult child 1 to court said she was very proud of the fact that I hadn't exploded yet. She also said she will let me know what is going on after the meeting tommorrow.

    At least one person is on difficult child and our side. She even pointed out that we are more involved being three hours away than a lot of the parents that live in the same town that the facility is in. I mean come on how sad is that for the other girls. And how come this doesn't help us with a little respect from dhs. Oh wait I remember that is exactly why they dont' like us. We are too actively involved and won't let them get away with this **** without soemthing happening.

    So yet again hopes are dashed. I hope difficult child 1 handles things well. I can't even imagine what is going through her mind at this time.

    So again I say pffffttttt on the system.

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    Sorry you are going thru all this, Beth. I don't know how you hold up- I have only one and the amount of system involvement for us is less than it is for you with each of yours and it's driving us over the edge. I think it is the frustration and intentional withholding information (like they really are keeping themselves informed and making competent decisions) that comes across as a power game or something.

    Anyway, HUGS!! At least something HAS to give for her soon. I wouldn't be happy about the meeting tomorrow and leaving you out, either. It's for the prof's? What is a MOM?
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    BETH -

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGE HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    OMG I would write the judge that presided over the preceedings today and tell him exactly what you told us. There should be some justice for our kids - but the mentally ill are treated like everyone else unless someone knows about this. And that GAL's boss would get a reaming call from me. I mean a reamer.

    Heck give me the number I'll ream her for you! IDIOT!!!!
    And the attorney forgot??? HE FORGOT???? Yeah he has a boss too!

    Take some of your frustration and turn it into a positive for your daughter.

    I am so sorry for your day. And yes, the not knowing is awfully stressful. I had hoped with my son it would make him think (you know a little waiting) it ripped him in two. I hope he never wants to feel like that again - we still have court coming up and he could do 6 years. Just very unfair - especially when you see that someone shot a person and burned their dog and they are getting 5-7 years. Our justice system inhales violently.

    Please find a way to unwind. Destress.

    klmno is right - MOM IS A PROFESSIONAL!

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    They obviously need that operation - you know, the one where they surgically remove the large sticks from their butts!
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    *sigh* or their HEADS from their butts...