Phew...Dodged that Bullet

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, Feb 16, 2010.

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    In a highly unusual turn of events, I had to take difficult child to work with-me this am for a bit. He is on Feb vacation and husband just recently picked up a will call as needed position with-a local town crew for plowing. Well, he worked for the first time last week when we were supposed to have a blizzard (which fizzled out, I never stay home for snow, but it was to be a lot and I had a donut on my back wheel and couldn't use the 4 wheel drive) and last night our area wasn't even in the storm watch zone. Imagine my shock when the phone rang at 4 am today. We looked out and had about 5 inches. Luckily, I got new tires the day after the last storm because he got called in. We have no daycare for difficult child as he's been heave ho'd out of everyone he's ever been in and my parents work. husband has been his daycare since he was laid off over a year ago.

    Luckily, it was quiet in the office (people out ill and on vaca), but he behaved VERY VERY well for the almost 3 hours he was here. The DS kept him entertained for all of 30 minutes until it died, but I had a lot of copying I had to do to prepare a large package for a new rep. Good thing he's very good with the computer (for 7) he helped call up my files and got them to print and staple and double side (whatever was needed) and then would help retrieve them. He was cute.

    As a treat I took him for an egg mcmuffin and husband came to get him by 11.

    Ahhhhh...this was a good morning.
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    Awesome - what a special day! I bet he was proud to help Mom at work.
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    What a great day! I am sure he felt great to be able to help mom. I remember that feeling cause my parents took me to work sometimes, usually mom.

    If you journal or scrapbook or whatever, write this down. It will be a great thing to think about when times are difficult.
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