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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Marcie Mac, May 29, 2009.

  1. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    Its 3:00 A.M., you are in a dead sleep and hear the sound of a helicopter in a distance, and it gets closer and closer...For me, the sound is automatic PTSD.

    Your eyes fly open, you sit bolt upright - heart starting to pound, and then the cell phone rings

    You glance at the number and realize its your difficult child -a panic attack starts to rear its ugly head

    You say Hello, barely able to sound the word.. You can hear a lot of noise in the background and your difficult child says

    'Mom, I am down at Alex's house and we heard the helicopter - I just wanted to call you cause I know how much that freaks you out and just wanted to tell you it has nothing to do with me..Love you...and hangs up


  2. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Sounds like a normal night when you've had a difficult child...lol. I hate those late night wakeups---sirens do it for me...and phone calls----my heart almost comes out of my chest.
  3. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE


    Yep, I can relate to the panic :wildone: but I gotta chuckle that Cheech called. Good boy.

    Were you up the rest of the night?

  4. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    LOL....Gosh I know the panic attacks. Now helicopters dont do it to me because I hear them constantly with the army base. I go nuts when I hear sirens. And god help me if a cop comes to knock on my door...lol. Had that happen one day and he was looking for a neighborhood kid.
  5. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Yup! Know the feeling well! Knock at door, I answer, uniformed policeman standing there, I gasp, hold my breath (oh,no! What did difficult child 2 do NOW? Is he still alive? If so, I'm going to kill him because cop presence can't be a good sign). "Sorry to scare you, Mrs.X. There's an emergency at the hospital, they need Dr.X and your phone isn't working".

    I'm inured to helicopters AND explosions because we live near the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Kinda makes me feel safe in a weird sort of way, probably post-9/11.
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Something about LOUD sirens that get my mind asking, "O.k., where are the kids?" difficult child is usually nearby so just a call to diva who had best pick up this time on the very first ring thank you!

    Very sweet of your son to think about you and let you know he was o.k.
  7. standswithcourage

    standswithcourage New Member

    Yes I can imagine it too! that would scare me to death. I would probably think it was my difficult child running from the helicopter police and calling me to come and get him.
  8. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    LOL Suz - Cheech is starting, finally, to get a clue...

    Actually, I went back to sleep - SO was annoyed as the minute I sat up in bed I was poking him to get up and turn on the police scanner and he takes forever to fall back asleep. ROFLMBO
  9. ML

    ML Guest

    What a good boy!
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    :bravo::goodnight:OMG that was too funny! (not the part about you having PTSD) But OMG that is priceless - MOM it was NOT me. LOVE IT.
  11. lovemysons

    lovemysons Well-Known Member

    LOL, whata relief that it had nothing to do with difficult child.

    I so hear you on the ptsd...I get it whenever I see police car drive past our house, circling neighborhood. Oh, the horrible memories.