Please pray...


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Sending good thoughts TM that your grandmother is painfree and at peace. Hoping that she bounces back.


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God be with you and yours as this time moves on. I know I would love to see my red headed gramma once more. Peace be with your gramma and the family.


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Thank you for the prayers, they are truly appreciated. My grandmother has had a stroke and begun to have seizures. She is being put on ativan for the seizures and morphine for pain. There will be no feeding today or liquids by IV. Hospice has been called in. Both her doctor and the neurologist don't believe she will leave the hospital. So we will be waiting.

Thank you for updating us at this most difficult time... I'm praying that your grandmother is not in any pain, is comfortable, and at peace... I'll be keeping your grandmother, you, and the rest of your family in my prayers... :angel:

I know how horrible this is for you... I've gone through this with both my mother in law and my father in law... Please take care of yourself... Sending lots of cyber hugs :flower: WFEN