PonyGirl! How is Baby J faring today?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by trinityroyal, May 25, 2010.

  1. trinityroyal

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    You and Baby J have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I was just wondering how he's doing.

    Continuing to send strength and positive vibes.

  2. PonyGirl

    PonyGirl Warrior Parent

    :bravo:So far, so Good! I will be heading to UMH within the hour today. Which is Tuesday, Day Two! Loving the symmetry of that. His appetite is way down, nutrition has been added to his IVs. He is a little cranky, not a big deal. HE IS NOT SICK!!

    :angel2:I keep remembering, my mom never got sick from her chemo. Pretty sure she is standing guard over our little man.

    Thanks for asking

  3. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    What a little trouper. So glad that he's not getting sick from the chemo. I think you're right about his guardian angel.
  4. susiestar

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    I am thankful things are going well for him. I am sure his Grandma is looking over him. Thank God he is not sick from the chemo so far!
  5. PonyGirl

    PonyGirl Warrior Parent

    Now we are at Day One. Today is the last day of chemo!! The hospital chaplain will perform Jules' baptism this morning. Should be a busy day, and I hope it goes by fast.

    We had a quiet day together yesterday, when I arrived it was lunch time, which he refused. He cried and fussed and cried a lot, but eventually calmed while I held him and then fell asleep. For about three hours! It was good, daughter in law said he hadn't slept the night before. She and difficult child took a long break together while I sat with the baby. It all worked out good. He did manage a few bites of pizza for dinner last night, and a whole cup of apple juice. No one is concerned that he's not eating, except for daughter in law. Nurses told me yesterday, he's fine, he's getting all he needs thru his IVs. But daughter in law is kinda focused on the fact of him not eating, and I can understand that.

    difficult child will be attending 'band practice' again this evening. Whatever. The rest of us are all at a 'wait & see' mode where that is concerned. He has NO idea what he's in for if he gets arrested in St. Paul as compared to Merrill. Yikes. Perhaps we're wrong, and it really is just about music for him, and not about partying. Ugh. difficult child knows how I feel about 'band practice'.

    I can't do anything about that stuff, just the same as I can't do anything about Baby J's stuff, except just to be there and offer support.

  6. witzend

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    Big hugs to you all.
  7. ScentofCedar

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    More hugs.