Positive health thoughts for difficult child please~

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Sep 15, 2010.

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    difficult child took herself to the Dr yesterday because she hasn't been feeling well and finally became fed up with dragging her behind all the time. She's had several worrisome issues going on. First, she hasn't had her period in over 2 years (18 mths in part to the depo shot, the last 6 just because, well, we don't know because she stopped the shot 6 months ago and her Dr expected her to menstruate by now); Second, she's been having a strange discharge as well; and lastly, she's been exhausted all the time and throwing up almost every day or every other day. Of course, she doesn't eat regularly and lives on coffee and cigarettes, so that doesn't help at all. Also, she's always been a sleeper, so it's difficult to guage whether or not she's sleeping more than usual.

    Anyway, our Dr gave her two pregnancy tests which were both negative. She is sending her for a pelvic ultrasound (she goes tomorrow) and bloodwork - I read the blood work request and the Dr is checking all her hormones, sed rate, regular cbc, and thyroid. She pricked her finger and said she tested weakly for mono!!! Dr said that difficult child has probably had it for over a month. Therefore, she should begin to feel better in a couple of weeks - IF she takes care of herself by getting plenty of rest. I added that she needs to drink plenty of fluids. difficult child said her throat doesn't hurt, but her body aches and of course, there is the excessive tiredness.

    So, can you please send up a positive health thought or two for difficult child. Going into the fall (any seasonal change) is not a good time for her to be ill. Her immune system is already not the greatest and I can't get her to take vitamins or eat right. I hope no one else in the house gets it. Oh yeah, and her boyfriend likely has it because he's not feeling well now! Their boss (yes, they work at the same place) sent them both home today - the boss has a newborn who is in the shop a lot!!! OMG.

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    I certainly hope she feels better soon! Mono is no fun for sure!!!

    As for the depo shots, many years ago I used it, one cycle of it only and even after just one shot, it was about 10-11 months after that shot before my period returned. I had some "signs" it was trying to show up (much like it sounds is happening with your daughter) but it simply took forever for my body to regulate again. Being honest, my first 2-3 cycles when it did return were so awful I had to call in sick from work several times as I couldn't risk going in. Then things just got back to normal. I hope that it is simply a delayed return following her shot, yet I'm glad she's having tests run to be sure.
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    Poor difficult child sounds absolutely miserable. I am glad that she doesnt have that awfully painful sore throat that normally goes with mono. Hopefully all the tests come back ok and she is just rundown. I have heard many women have a hard time getting back on normal track after depo.
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    Sending good thoughts....
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    Lots going on for her. Sending prayers and good thoughts. It's very hard to see our loved ones feel so run down. I have experience with this. Boosting the immune system is quite a challenge for some.