Possible New Direction for Jess!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 26, 2011.

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    husband and I were just talking about J and the her problems. Having been at father in law's for a couple of days jogged his memory. Back in high school he ran track and sometimes his hip would lock up and it just wouldn't move for a while. It didn't happen during races, but did during practice sometimes. When we were first married I dragged him to a chiropractor for some other issues. The chiro we saw is incredibly good. He told husband that at some time his tailbone had broken and it was causing nerve problems. He adjusted husband and husband hasn't EVER had that happen again.

    Jess was thrown by a horse about 5 yrs ago. They didn't find a break on her tailbone but she had to sit on a donut pillow for months because it hurt. Most of the times she freezes she can force her arms to move for a little while after her legs are stuck, and they loosen up first.

    This very well might lead to a real solution!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOO Excited!!!!! I have thought all along it was a neuro problem. well, nerves are part of what most neuros deal with but they do NOT know anatomy the way a chiro or PT does. I don't know if that awesome chiro is around, or if he will see her.
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    Isn't it amazing how ideas/memories sometimes come at just about the right time? Sounds like you might have something there. If I were you, I'd be checking for that chiro fast and beg.

    Here's hoping! **pretzeling body parts**
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    WOW I sure hope you can find that guy, if not you probably can find someone though who is good... At this point, every lead is a good one I bet....

    HOPING for answers! hugs
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    I hope you can find the original doctor, sounds like someone who knows his stuff. I hope it works for her.
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    So it might be spinal damage or compressed nerve or some such? I recall wondering that a while ago. I went to a chiro earlier this month and they have all kinds of new-fangled non-invasive testing equipment, nothing like when I went as a teen. Call around, it could be many or most offices have this stuff now.
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    Sounds good!
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    When she was thrown from the horse we begged, pleaded, had six kinds of fits, and saw quite a few diff docs (different types and at least 2 of each) because her tailbone kept hurting and there was clearly a problem. NO ONE would do more than take an xray. they did an MRI of her shoulder, but would NOT mri her spine or even just her tailbone area. I was told to stop "babying" her and that the problems she was reporting were "hysterical" and "only due to the trauma". It drove us nuts.

    I thought they had done an MRI of her entire spine and her head back wehn the second neuro we saw ordered them. I went through the records and reports and I was wrong. They did her head and neck only. So the info I thought we had, we don't.

    Thankfully, the family care doctor has a LOT of common sense. I think I can get him to order the MRI so that the chiro can see it. The chiro who helped husband is the same one who looked at my mri's as a favor to my mom, for NO CHARGE, and sent me a four page letter on what course of action he would suggest, what to ask the neurosurgeon (he said it was WAY past the point that any halfway competent chiro would touch me, let alone adjust me - and he almost NEVER EVER says that) and how to ensure I got the best care before, during and after.

    I have to first see if we can get a referral to him, then if not I will ask my mom to pay his fees. Since she offered to mortgage her house to pay for J to go to any clinic in the country that could help (2 top clinics have looked at records and not offered much hope), I am confident that if he is still seeing patients then he will see her.

    If he can't, I know another really good chiro here too. So again we have some hope.

    My big question is why don't the neurologists look past seizure disorders? They flat out won't treat anything that isn't "of the brain" here. I always thought that they dealt with the nervous system entirely, not just the brain, but they do NOT. At least not here and none we could find did in Cincy either. Heck, fibro is a nerve disorder and often the treatments that help are ones that work on nerves, not on inflammation type issues, but you won't get a neuro to treat you for that either. You get a rheumatologist or internist or once in a blue moon that happens on the 39th of Octember you get an immunologist who has some interest. But neuros don't even want to discuss it.

    Anyway, that is on our agenda for the rest of this year and first of Jan. I really hope we can deal with the paperwork and get it done by then.
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    I couldn't tell you, Suz. I know way back when it was a neurologist I saw about my carpal tunnel. The chiro here used a few gadgets that measure muscle temperatures on both sides of the spine and whatnot to see if the nerves are responding correctly and equally. All five tests they did on me took less than an hour, wouldn't hurt to ask your local chiros what they use beyond x-rays and mri's.