Post-menopausal anemia? Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    Found out I have it and guess it's rare. The reasons can be scary. Gastro cancer is one!!!!! But so is too much Ibuprofen and I eat it like candy. I didn't k now it could cause stomach perforations and bleeding. I don't FEEL bad and don't have pain. All I noticed was I get a little more tired when I work out. Nothing else. Any experience? Remember, this is post-menopausal. Thanks!(Yes, I have call in to doctor, but itr's taking him too long and I have high anxiety ;))
  2. ML

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    I don't know anything about this condition but am interested because I'm (almost) post m and feel that my memory is completely shot. I hope it's not that serious, MWM. Please keep us in the loop. ML
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    hi maybe i'm not reading it right, im sick also and a bit out of it. Did you say you have it confirmed by doctor already??

    I totally have the pre menopausal thing, yet we are still working on figuring out what else is wrong iwth me they still haven't figured it out.

    I totally get exhausted easily and I also have severe memory loss, yet that could be mx with me. How else are you feeling?? besides the run down thing and tiring easily?? How's your diet lately????
  4. Hound dog

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    I don't understand. Have you had a dr tell you that you have the anemia? Or are you thinking you may have it and freaking? Your post was a bit confusing on that point.

    I am post menopausal. I have B6 and B12 and Folic acid anemias. But mine is caused by kidney disease, not the menopause. And it's pretty darn bad. If I don't take my vitemans I've got leg cramps from heck and my brain shuts down. The fatigue is horrid and I can have mood swings that appear very bipolarish in nature.

    in my opinion the brain shut down is the worst. I can go from having one with good memory, to swiss cheese in nothing flat. Sort of scary.

    If you have it, I'd imagine it can be treated with the proper vitemans. doctor will give you prescription strength which makes the over the counter dosage child's play.

    I know I never really appreciated vitemans, or the body's need for them, until I became anemic.

    And yes, I'm probably spelling vitemans wrong in this post because I forgot to take mine today and my spelling stinks. lol

  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hi. I talked to my doctor.
    My iron stores are low. Normal is 14, mine is 10. She told me not to get all knows me well with my anxiety disorder. My hemoglobin was really good so she thinks it's diet related. She told me to take a multi-vitamin with Iron and she's sending me a package on what foods to eat to get the "stores" up. I really am not feeling tired EXECEPT that I notice it's harder for me to work out. I get more tired faster. Other than that, I haven't felt bad. That's really all I've noticed. As for memory problems, I've had a horrible memory since when people complain about their memories as they get older, I say, "Welcome to my world." I don't think mine is getting that much worse because I've always been this way ;)
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    See?? I knew I was spelling it wrong. :rofl:

    Swiss cheese today. Glad it can be diet controlled and boosted with a multi-vitamin. I'm sure that must relieve your mind.

    Once in a while I run a little low on iron. I always know because that's the only time I crave chocolate. lol But I also take a good multi-vitamin and those cravings are gone. Oh, I also crave spinach when low on iron. (good thing I like it lol)

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    Spelling is one thing but my brain read "amnesia" instead of anemia. DUH
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    ok i understand it now. So, get going on those vitamins, def. it's a new year pop those vitamins. Red meats on occassion are good as well. help with the iron. The joys of getting older. lol
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    Did they do a test on your iron prior to this? Your normal may not be 14. Mine is 11.4. There are medications you can be given, like procrit, if it goes really low. I only know about this from having low levels caused by chemo though, not menapause. How about centrum silver? Maybe you can seek help from a nutritionist. Have you been dieting? Even if it's been a few months since a diet, the levels take awhile before they come back up to normal.-Alyssa
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    Hi. I don't know why my levels were low or if they ever were before. Today I bought some special woman's vitamin with Iron :redface:. And I ate a lot of raisins too!