Posting a little humor today...


So, my son texted me today wanting some money.

Me: "No".
Son: "F&^% you, and I really mean that".
Me: "Your move out date is June 1."
Son: "See you next Tuesday."
Me: "You have two weeks to get it together and we are being generous."
Son: "I hope you read that sentence and saw between the lines"
Me: "I have no idea what you mean"
Son: "Here let me spell it out for you c u next Tuesday."
Me: "I guess that means that I'll see you next Tuesday. There's no in between the lines on that. I take it to mean that you won't be at the house until Tuesday. Am I missing something?"
Son: "Yah sure, peace out woman"

So I'm innocently showing this to my BFF from work, and she gasped and said, you realize what he was saying don't you? And I'm like, yah, he's leaving for the weekend.... And then I read it again and saw the acronym. I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing. I seriously thought he meant he was leaving for four days, not calling me names like a 15 year old. I'm still smiling. That's horrible, but seriously funny to me. I totally played that straighter than I would have had I actually "read between the lines". Little detachment steps. He never did come straight out and call me a name. Very ambiguous. Dark humor for a Friday evening.
So this made me smile too. My difficult child says things like this too just to get me upset. He is learning that lately it isn't as easy as it used to be, I have you all to thank for that. Thanks for sharing. I had to read it twice also and so reminded me of my difficult child.

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one day at a time
I am dense and don't get it I do get this: we slowly let other people. Our own children. Treat us no better than an animal and much worse than that.

Every line of what you wrote is beyond outrageous. Him not you. You handled it great.

A couple of months ago my son said f--- y-- to me when he got out of the car when I wouldn't do what he wanted. That was his parting shot and his attempt to "show me" who was in charge.

My response when this happens is to put even more distance between us. I am not his whipping boy.

No words. Just action. Distance.

Words don't work. Been there and done that. Big waste of my time and my energy.

Hang in there and work on YOU. Take care of you. You are walking the road to peace...stay on the road and keep moving forward. Hugs.

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It took me a while too. Call me too serious, but I didn't think it's funny. I have a rule that you kind of don't call me anything that includes a derogatory female part or I will have to think long and hard about the next time we will speak. My oldest used to use that word in anger, but he has learned that it will cost him a good week of not talking to me so he doesn't use it anymore. In fact, he is not allowed to call me any names. He can swear, but not at me. I'm not a prude. It's a respect issue, especially regarding women and my place as his mother. And this poor middle age man still needs me to talk to A

But I do think you handled it GREAT!!!! I like how you stuck to your boundaries. It's even funnier that you didn't "get it."

Thanks for the smile.


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It can pay off to be slow to catch on to some things. I would like to believe adult offspring who use vulgar references to their parents would feel a little bad when if falls flat...but I am fairly certain they do not.

Glad he didn't get to have any fun with what he may have considered real wit.

Here's to a wonderful weekend for you!


Well, I really can't take him seriously, he's being an idiot. I can either laugh or cry or go into a state of complete indifference. I like the third choice, but not there yet. So I'll laugh!


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Sometimes you just gotta laugh. You couldn't have played a better straight man if it had been scripted (i didn't get it till i read back). The best defense against nasty is being such a nice person that you can't even fathom what they are talking about!
It funny because you thought it have a good spirit and attitude.


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I agree with Echo, this is a very good defense. I think maybe you have stumbled on a new and very effective strategy to take all the fun out of their barbs. I love your attitude.