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I know this has been addressed on this board but here goes the question again. My six year old has been doing pretty well lately except in one area. He has been potty trained since three, but his underwear seems to always have stains in them from poop. (Sorry, I know this is gross).

He has been on Miralax and it seems to help but once off it he reverts back to the stains. I really do believe he can't help it. He's not being obstinate and doesn't actually poop in his pants but leaves stains or streaks.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Could he be allergic to something?



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I agree, this isn't on purpose. I went through this with both boys and to a certain amount with my second daughter. The boys were definitely worse, especially difficult child 3.

I do think that it is connected to Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) in some form. They're just not aware of it. The problem is, besides dirty underwear (which does wash out), their skin in that area is going to get red and inflamed.

What worked for us - I used my nose. I also used observation - if I saw that the child had been to the loo for a 'longer visit', I made a point of checking, and helping him clean up. A really bad job - into the shower with the hand-held shower to hose them down (a hand-held shower is fabulous for cleaning up muddy kids, too, or after the beach).

We also keep a packet of baby wipes in the loo, for ANYONE to use. You can get flushable ones these days too, but we tend to not flush them, we have a special bin for them. We showed the boys to wash off with a cloth, as a routine, after a long sit-down session. For a while I would check to make sure.

There was still a problem with school toilet use and I would get phone calls from teachers asking me to come and clean up my child, but most of the time the boys would prefer to wait until they got home. In difficult child 1's case, he had to be reminded to go - a week would pass and he would have forgotten to go, and as a result would have problems, including clean-up problems.

It does improve.

The other problem - the sore rear end from being soiled for too long - we use coconut oil. Olive oil or cooking oil will also do. it makes it easier to clean up next time, too. It keeps the area protected from moisture. If you want to use an antiseptic keep it gentle, but we use ti-tree oil sparingly. Frankly, all they need is to be cleaned and greased, that the skin will heal itself.

Good luck!

Speak softly and carry an economy size pack of baby wipes!



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I would talk to the doctor about continuing the stool softener. Has he been seen by a pediatric gastroenterologist to rule out an obstruction or other physical abnormality? Encopresis can be pretty serious (and emotionally charged!) if it gets out of hand. Extra clothing at school can help him from being marginalized. But he does need to learn how to properly clean himself so that the odor won't offend others. Disposable underpants will help save on laundry. As for cleaning up, he needs to learn the basics on how to be responsible (no hiding dirty clothes, etc) but not be made to feel blamed. That could emotionally hard on him.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Suzy, I don't think some of our kids have good sensation or they don't take the time to evacuate totally.
I would ask about keeping the miralax going. Staining isn't uncommon. It's just frustrating for you and for him.</span>


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My difficult child has issues with wiping... I have to do most of the same things Marg suggested. I try to ask her if she went at school and then I get a wipe and do a booty check. A lot of times she does not even want to wipe herself... so she will yell out of the blue "I am done!" And I am like "oh do you need a wipe?, you could let me know you are going to the potty" I try to encourage her to do it herself and then double check and let her know if she did a good job!!!

We have lots of "skiddies" also!!! Not actual pooping of the pants but a poor job wiping... the Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) issues.
good luck