Prayers for my neighbor...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    An ambulance just took him away. They had him upright with his knees flexed on the guerney and he looked pretty out of it. He's in his 30's, diabetic with an insulin pump, but otherwise usually very healthy. His car has been in the driveway the past two days, I just figured he had some time off. He looked like he was still dressed for work... His wife's car has been gone the past few days, too, but she has weird hours due to her medical residency work. Her car was back in the driveway this evening, but after the ambulance left, some other neighbors and I went to their door to see if they needed help with anything and no one answered the door, and the lights were all out. Then I tried calling her cell phone and got no answer (don't have her house phone). It's just weird. I hope he's going to be o.k. One of my neighbors said that the flu is already going around our area and has hit some people hard.
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    Sending prayers...
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    He may have had an isulin reaction due to the flu (if the flu is involved). Usually people look drunk or stoned prior to a diabetic coma if they don't have enough carbs in their blood to handle what insulin is being introduced whether by pump or injection. If the pump is set on a timer, it would continue to administer insulin whether he's eating or not and with the flu, it's most likely not.

    She's probably staying at the hospital (especially if he's in the hospital. that she's doing his residency in) to help.

    Saying prayers for them!

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    Saying prayers
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    More prayers.
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    Thank you everyone.

    He just called me from his house. Turns out he came down with some kind of GI illness at the end of the work day yesterday. He said it came on really fast, and he felt so awful he had to pull over twice on the way home. He said because of his diabetes, whenever he gets a GI problem things can get tricky. They ended up treating him with electrolytes and then sending him home very late last night. No fever, and he said he feels a lot better except for the sore muscles (presumably from vomiting).

    He also explained that his wife is out of town with their baby right now, which is why his car was in the driveway, he has been driving her car! So I kinda feel worse because he was home alone and felt like he had to call 911 instead of calling a neighbor to help. I reminded him of my cell number and said to call if he needs anything at all. OMG, an ambulance ride is way more expensive than asking your neighbor for a ride to the hospital! Some people just don't want to bother any one for any thing!
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    Whew! Glad that's over.
    He sounds very self reliant, despite everything.
    I saw that you posted your note in the middle of the night. I hope you get some sleep!
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    Well, it wasn't quite the middle for ME, Terry LOL -- I'm on the west coast.