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    tomorrow is her ultrasound. There is a place here that does them where you do not have to drink all that liquid to have it. Her visiting nurse from WIC called today- it is weird, WIC told us the nurse was scheduled for a date in July, but then wrote on our paperwork thta date in JUNE. and well, noone came or called on the June date, so we assumed OK they simply wrote it wrong on our paperwork, but it would be July as we were told. Nope- today nurse calle dand tried to say the appointment is for this week, um nope. she argued with me, and also did not want to talk to me. I understand her not wanting to talk to me, but I told her anyway that nope, easy child is sick and could not come to phone, which was true. So the nurse began to yell at me that she HAD to talk to easy child NOW. I said easy child was too ill and cannot come to phone, cuz it was true and easy child was finally resting.she wakes even in the nite to be ill.and is once again going downhill.
    So I had to keep saying no, easy child is too ill to come to phone and nurse kept yelling saying no, she HAS to talk to easy child NOW....finally she said if easy child is ill, I need to take her to the doctor, I said yes, we did, and she also goes back again tomorrow. Nurse got weird, now nurse did not even ask what type of ill is easy child...but then she decided well, I dunno what she decided but she began to chant at me that easy child needs to see her doctor. Well DUH, but, how would the nurse know, she has never met easy child and she has never talked to easy child and she never asked what type of ill easy child is....

    This is all getting so extremely frustrating. and at wic, I was assigned proxy statuus by easy child in the office at her first visit.....altho, it seems it does not matter, this woman- the nurse refused to identify herself to me or state her business, I only knew she was the visiting nurse becuz of caller id on the phone.
    I was on phone thinking how idiotic it was I was on phone with "PCs visiting nurse" telling the nurse easy child is quite ill and in and out of hospital etc, and the visiting nurse is chooseing to be so .....well, I am not sure of the word. Not one iota of concern about easy child or her type of illness....just wants to yell at me saying easy child should go to doctor.....well, yeesh, I told her easy child had been admitted to hospital, and the doctor SAW her and will see her again tomorrow.....

    Yes, I have copies of the medical POA and release of information to take with me everywhere tomorrow- to WIC, to docs etc.altho they do all already have copies from our first visits.
    They have done me zero good so far, so I doubt they will do me any good ever....and with easy child once again declining.....gosh I had been so hopeful, she did so good the 24-36 hours post hospital admission. She is keeping ALL the medications on board as Rx'ed.....and she is dutifully drinking what she has been ordered to drink etc and when she was ordered etc.....It has to be awful to wake up in middle of nite just to throw up. She is listless already again, just laying, not answering much, refuseing phone refuseing boyfriend visits etc.....but I do not know how else to get it thru any of her medical professionals heads......she is THAT ill, yes, still, ongoing.....
    So how wonderful, we have a NEW medical person added to her "team" who seems to be to be every bit as useless as her doctor, and our hospital etc. This nurse just refused to accept there is a gray area where a person CAN be ill enough to not be able to jump and come to phone etc right this second, but not ill enough to be inpatient (per ER) and where a doctor is not .I dunno- being more proactive? Well, I am SORRY but.........yes, easy child is not talking, not moving, YES she has been to ER and to docs and been inpatient and discharged and this is how she has been at every one of those places. If the visiting nurse does not like it she can stand in line behind me about not liking it, but...I can hand her ALL the paperwork, discharge papers from the several ER visits and inpatient stint, and I can give her copies the doctor wrote for work etc to confirm doctor HAS seen her, but, seems to me it would be more 'nursey" if she would ADVOCATE WITH me for easy child instead of useing the time and energy to argue with me or accuse me or blame me or act like I am simply standing in way between her patient and her or whatever.
    Well, and then it turned out, I think she was calling to CANCEL visiting easy child......LOL, Okay weird. EVERYTHING is just so weird. I just continue to stand here looking at all of this and wondering what in the world is going on? If I EVER treated one of my patients this way, I would expect to be held accountable...reprimanded formally....and if as a parent I treated a child of mine this way, I would be in trouble with CPS......
    SO here I am with a freshly turned 18 year old who previously was NOT ill who is very very newly preg and so sick it is not funny......with docs and nurses alternateing between thinking we are being hypochondriacs and then finally relenting and seeing her and then blaming me becuz she went without medical attention, nevermind thats not MY fault, it is theirs cuz I DID call and try to get it into their heads how sick she is......BUT becuz it is 4 docs rotating and each doctor has their own nurse in the docs office....and the require each patient to rotate thru with ALL 4 docs.there is no we are dealing with this ove rand over and over and over. Becuz it seems noone at docs office can be bothered to OPEN PCs chart when we DO call. So much so that even when I said the ER paperwork was in the chart, they said no and argued and then opened the chart and found that YES it WAS.........Only AFTER chiding me and telling me no, I could NOT have had her at ER....that ER would not have discharged her this way.....and darned ER..grrr........telling me her doctor NEEDS to SEE her, that they are "only ER" and NOT for long term or chronic issues and being in ER this many times in so short of time for the same problem is long term chronic.

    I wonder what the ultrasound will show? Is the baby weathering thru all this lunacy? I wonder how much we will know at the ultrasound appointment. I know if it is "bad" they will not tell us.....
    (well, thats been MY experience, anyway- but who knows now?)

    SO- wish us luck and send good thoughts. This all is really getting "old" and as crazy as all this is going, parenteral feeding makes me nervous, too- I KNOW they will find some way to make THAT be all complicated and weird, too.
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    I imagine that the nurse wanted to gauge how ill difficult child was by talking with her on the phone. Or she was trying to be sure that you aren't a front for easy child trying to cheat the federal government out of cheese, milk, cereal, and peanut butter.

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    Ugh - you just can't get a break. Visiting nurse probably had a script in front of her. She can read, she just can't listen.

    I hope the ultra sound is positive.
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    I cannot believe you and poor easy child are living this nitemare. Oh, yes, wait, I certainly can. Sorry. Let's just say that the more I read, the more I wish I lived close enough to come along to her appointments and put some fire under these docs arses. *snarl*

    Have you tried High Risk OB's in your search for a new doctor?

    I forget what the condition is called, but there is a life threatening (both mother and baby) condition with the morning sickness. I'm worried this may be the problem, and docs are too busy poo pooing everything they're refusing to see it. Like you, I don't like the fact that she has once again grown so listless to not feel up to answering and such.

    I can tell you a trick I've pulled more than once for docs that won't listen. Does the fam doctor take the medical card? If he does, and is familiar with easy child, I'd get her in to see fam doctor to get a referral to a High Risk OB if there is the slightest chance they might give it to you. Welfare doesn't care where the referral comes from.

    easy child should not be this deathly ill. This morning sickness is severe. Gosh! I'm so worried about her. And I can feel the frustration, anger, and fear in your posts.

    Poor easy child. :( Good for you for not letting the nurse talk to her. What an idiot!

    I hope the ultrasound is good news that the baby is doing fine. Usually, the baby takes what it needs from Mom, regardless of how well she's eating/ not able to eat. Which is why this is taking such a heavy toll on easy child, as I'm sure you already know.

    Know that I'm praying hard for easy child.

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    are you thinking of hyperemesis gravuda? she got that diagnosis already. I think I spelled it right......
    we do not exactly have a family doctor, the kids had their pediatrician all their life from birth, she retired, and a new one took over maybe 4 years ago, but it is in the same building as ob gyne, same corporation, same practice etc..and the ob gyne is a high risk one..- I was high risk due to all my miscarraiges an other complications...
    I had a falling out with MY gp in this building the last few times I had been to my gp were about as equally bizarre....but the gp declined to accept my girls upon their 18th bdays and the pediatrician refused to see them since about 3 months or so before their 18th bdays.....altho this ob gyne had said SHE would take care of my girls.....but now all this is going on.

    I had been prepping for sleep- but jolted awake with a nasty start. My brain had begun to drift as it does in that time just before I am all the way asleep----and I musta been thinking about the ultrasound. I also was thiking about my late dear friend, who adored my kids and adored babies...I got this nasty thought that easy child was not preg after all...but had a nasty awful cancer mimicking preg and blocking her digestive tract at the same time. Sadly my dear friend had similar......and our other friend we had, had female cancer at 18, altho she did very very well with treatment. UG! Such a wicked nasty thought. ltho it IS kinda funny in a mom, with my youngest bro was in her late 40s when he was born..and she did not acknowledge that preg until she was 7 months preg..she had convinced herself she had cancer...but in fact she was preg! And when I had my last, me and husband had not been "close" in years.....I was certain I had cysts or did an ultrasound to check them.and instead saw my son, and I kept looking at that darned ultrasound of him in amazement, wonder and disbelief. LOL.
    difficult child has been begging all day for us to let her go to ultrasound, but I told her "no" I sure hope we get some reassurance from it. The first day of PCs morning sickness I was not concerned at all....but now? My anxiety is building up. This is my HIGH ENERGY "go getter" so focused and goal oriented all the time. She had her "plan" and then found out she was preg, and adjusted her plan...was all set to move forward and now this. The docs have this idea that by week 10 it will all get a LOT better.....but I am starting to wonder. and I am not at all sure they are even aware of how she USUALLY is. So, I am not sure they are getting a clear idea of just how listless she is.
    Maybe I should go about it in an entirely different direction and if she declines much more, this time, instead of calling doctor or taking her to ER, I should simply call an ambulance and say oh, I went to check her and found her this way in bed...maybe then I will not get so much garbage from everyone?
    I do not know, I mean she is so nonrespondant....and I just do not understand, if someone is THAT ill, what does it matter if they are 18 or not? They are obviovusly in need of treatment and care. If someone gets bonked on head, or in a major accident, or falls into diabetic coma, they cannot request treatment for themself then......well, easy child cannot right now most of the time either. So, I just donot understand all this baloney. It simply makes no sense to me.
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    I spelled it wrong, LOL- it is hyperemesis gravidarum
    and here is a link to a wiki article about it.

    and yes, easy child has already had the significant weight loss, in the one week from her first prenatal ob gyne appointment to the first one for the complaints of illness she lost approx 15% of her pre preg body weight. By her 2nd er visit, she had chest pain and there was fear of cardiac problems due to electrolyte imbalances by her inpatient stay, there were ketosis issues....related to the dehydration and fear for her kidneys.
    Yes she has depression now, and confusion and lack of alertness, due to it all...she has not kept anything down now AT ALL for 3 full weeks. so- no she is not functioning. Has not been. She does not even MOVE, says it makes her so dizzy and so much more nasueas. To go to bathroom, she does not go unassisted. Nevermind it is like less than 15 feet in our house. She does not watch TV, not listen to music, does not answer her cell phone. She lays there, and dozes when she can.
    Yes she has zofran, dissolving under her tongue and standard pills, and she gets zofran in every rehydration IV. She also has phenergan, 2 different type, suppositories and pills..she alternates between zofran and phenergan round the clock. And she has pepcid and prevacid, too, becuz yes, she also acquired reflux and it has already damaged her throat as well. All this is documented in her records. I double checked.made sure ER sent it all to ob gyne, and ob gyne finally did concede that yes, she did recieve the er paperwork. (after arguing with me that no, they did not get it)

    Yes, easy child fits every part of this article to a T. Yes, includeing ob gyne telling easy child she would try picture line next and parenteral feeding.

    and yes, it is expensive, too- so far we have gotten some of the ER bills and yes it is nearly $5,000 total for EACH ER visit, it seems. And yes, the zofran is horrendously expensive and insurance would only pay for 8 pills per month of it and Medicaide refuses so far to cover ANY of these medications AT ALL. But the money is not my concern right now.
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    Had WIC appointment and an ultrasound this morning----
    Wic people found a handwritten note the WIC nurse had used for herself yesterday and yes, they said hmmm, yes she has it down that she needed to call your easy child and yes, she said she has it as an appointment from her this week for your easy child but our computer says the appointment is July 24, wonder whats up with this? Well, I sure do not know. and they said as soon as I told WIC nurse the diagnosis, she should have accepted conversation with me becuz it is in their computer easy child gave them permission to work with ME.....The nurse we saw today said in her 8 years being a WIC nurse, she has only had 1 person with this disorder. ANd that person did wind up getting a picture line, and did very nicely after picture was in place.

    Went for ultrasound and easy child was holding her own this morning, doing much better than I expected....and how exciting! SO now easy child has 2 photos of the baby. So far due date remains the same, 2-22-09. heart is beating fine.....easy child is now laying down after the very busy morning. But she is holding the pics of the baby, LOL.

    WIC asked her if she wanted to change docs, but then told her her main doctor, the one we DO THE big big high risk doctor for the whole county. Wic said they love the doctor z, but they have heard several other complaints about the other docs that rotate thru with dr z.....especially from the younger moms to be. they think (WIC) that the other docs at the practice have personal issues with teen and or unmarried moms. and it comes thru in the way they handle them.....and same with their nurses....wic said they have heard a LOT of very similar complaints. <sigh> Except they said Dr z herself, well, she just loves her work, loves doing what she does and loves new babies.....loves taking care of moms to be.....and treats people well.well that was MY experience with dr z and that is how we felt when easy child saw dr z......WIC said maybe becuz of the complications, maybe easy child can request to ONLY see dr z so as to ensure continuity of care.
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    I'd be requesting only Dr. Z But if you do that, you'll have to make sure than even only Dr. Z covers her for delievery or any other emergencies, even if she's not the doctor on call.

    hyperemesis gravidarum, yes that's it. And I'm releaved baby is doing ok.

    You know, it would really make me livid if I believed they were treating my kid this way just because she's an unwed single Mom to be. If they have that sort of hang up morally, then they've no business treating these patients if they can't mantain professionalism. It's not their job to pass judgement, it's their job to cure the sick.

    grrrrrrr. Don't get me started. I'm having a bad day.

    I don't understand why her medication card isn't paying for these medications. I know we're in another state, but Nichole's medications and bills are all covered via welfare no matter what. Period.

    Glad you got some good news today. I think you both needed it.

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    I was pregnant with easy child when I was 17. I had him 6 days after my 18th birthday. I was on my parent's insurance.

    The OB/GYN group I saw had 4 doctors. One of the doctors obviously didn't like the fact that I was 1.) young and 2.) unmarried. He treated me like dirt.

    My mom went with me to one of my appointments and talked to one of the other doctors (the one I liked the best) about jerk doctor. I was near my due date by that time and he said if we'd had more time to arrange schedules he would have arranged it so we would be sure that jerk doctor wouldn't deliver.

    In the end, I got lucky. Jerk doctor had been on call the weekend prior to my delivery which meant he wasn't on call during that week. My favorite doctor delivered and the other 2 did their checkups. I never saw jerk doctor again.

    I hope something like this can be worked out for your easy child.
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    I'm not clear if Medicaide is not paying becuz maybe they feel? they are not safe dureing preg? or not on a forumlary? Bummer is we also have another insurance that would cover all medications 100% IF we could get them by mail--but- it takes up to 5 weeks to get them by mail....and they cannot be faxed or phoned in, they MUST be mailed in. and of course, time is of essence and cannot wait and docs are only giving 2-3 days worth of each at a our primary insuance is paying a very small portion, penalizing us for not useing the by mail program....and Medicaide refuses to pay on them AT ALL. and the zofran is costly.

    I do not know for sure just what those docs problem know on one hand, my mom was a very youung mother AAND an older mother, both.....and well, my lil brother had no parents young becuz of it. 18 yrs old, seems to me physically wise, is a healthy age.....and seems to me also, hey sometimes b'c fails. It is frustrting me how so many are judgeing easy child.and acting like the world is ending.....and people keep talking about her college as if she is never gonna go, now......well, I am not sure WHY they assume that, if it were not for this complication, she might have even taken summer classes, and she IS enrolled for fall.....why do people assume a baby means she cannot get a college education? I am here. boyfriend is here. BFs family is here. we are pitching in.....WE are not feeling particularly "put out" at all. WE are EXCITED. people can be ANY age and it can be a "bad" time to have a baby.people can be any age and not turn out to be great parents. easy child is flexible, resilient, and willing to learn......
    yes, she is young. But I am more than willing to be here and do help. SO, yes, I have a problem if thats what the problem is at the docs office. Yeesh, LOL, the older "I" get, the less likely I will be as able to help as much......and even if she were older, well, that could bring it's own difficulties. If easy child were already married and they were living on their own already, and dependant on her job and income.....then what? what if they had moved away any distance? then what? I still have husband and difficult child and my son home to watch over, I could not simply uproot and GO to her to help.

    I dunno, I just do not see this as the end of the world or anything, yes it will make life a little more complicated and a little harder for easy child, reality, easy child will never realize what she had not yet not had, anyway. Not like she first lived some OTHER life to compare hers to? LOL. And good things are worth a little work?

    LOL, I AM glad, tho, that it is NOT twins, after all. :) LOL. Altho if it was? we woulda made that work out, too, hey 2 for 1? LOL.
    It is just this gosh darn illness, man it is just SO scarey!
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    There is no reason easy child can't go on to college. Can't go on and live a happy, forfilled, very successful life. (where do people get the idea their lives are over??)

    Nichole was just 16, and I had people asking me if I was demanding that boyfriend marry her. What??? Were they NUTS??? Pregnant or not, why on earth would I compound one mistake with an even worse one?!!

    Then there were those who acted shocked that I hadn't tossed her out of the house. Ok. Gee, I'm going to toss my kid out because she made a mistake? Uh, no. Don't think so. Sorry, but I happen to love my kid, thank you.

    And along the way, we've had those who were utterly amazed that Nichole stayed in hs and graduated, and has gone on to college. (she's doing really well this quarter too)

    easy child found out she was pregnant 2 months before graduation from hs. It hasn't stopped her from doing a darn thing. We just had to come up with a new plan. And it's the same for Nichole. They can do whatever they want, it might be tougher, but hey, that's what makes us strong.

    You're doing all the right things Mom. You just keeping telling her all her dreams can still come true, with a new plan, and a little one to love while she's doing it.

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    daiseylover, THANK YOU and bless you for saying everything I keep saying...yes, easy child was one week past HS graduation when she found out...
    and yes, I am faceing the same stuff, are her and boyfriend getting married? Well, um, why? they are not sure yet, and I told them to just WAIT till they figure life out a little more. He is very much here and supportive as is his family, but yes, I agree, why compound difficulties? I am not sure what the hurry is? Actually, might be best for them to NOT be married for some parts, especially if it might complicate things even more.
    And well, PCs university welcomed her even preeg, but she decided NOT to go there after all, now, becuz she wants to now stay closer to home/familiarity etc...And yesh, I went to college with 3 kids and a sick, it will not be the same as if she had not become preg, but, hey, LOL----she was not all so sure about all the party life part, anyway.....and yeah, why in the world would I throw her out? My goodness, I love her, and dang, I already love the unborn baby, why would I intentionally set them up to fail? DO they need help and support and love? Sure. But that is not limiited to just young persons, most people do depend on parents for many different things-- support, financial, babysitting, hand holding etc. Very very few people of any age or walk of life go thru their life without ever needing some type of hand, help, support etc. I never have had any help....I know first hand how hard life can be.and I sure would not intentionally do that to anyone I love. So, yes, I am here, ready and willing to do anything I can in my power to help easy child and the baby work and grow and get towards their goals.PCs life goals have not changed at all.....they are still the same goals she HAS had....and they are still attainable. Yes, it might be a little harder, but. :)
    Now yes, sure I wish I could wave some magic wand and make life be 100% perfect, but, I have yet to figure out exactly what is "perfect" anyway? and my experience tells me even if you have "perfect" "things" happen, anyway and rock the boat. people lose jobs, people fall out of love, gas prices shoot up to such insane costs NOONE can afford anything.....people get in accidents, get hurt, get sick, and Life changes and perfection goes to the wayside. How do we know if she would have not become preg till age 30, that at that time she might not be fighting some devastating chronic illness? How do we know even if she were done with school and married and living in a 2 story house with a picket fence, something might happen to her husband?
    Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow. So, we are trying to. :) Yes, she had birth control....and it happened anyway. That happens all the time to all kinds of women of any age and whatever. High power career women, happens.

    And anyone could get complications, too. This is not something easy child went out and caused directly. Whatchya gonna do? It's life. ANd life goes on. this case, LOL----a new Life will (hopefully) come exciting is THAT?

    So, we are hanging in here.....she is nibbling some fresh fruit right now, at her request....she seems tohave a craving for rasberries, how odd, we never ate many rasberries here at all, but she has requested them twice this week. Sure could be worse, her friend craved....dirt, yes, soil- Yes---PICA. yuk. I am grateful easy child is craving rasberries, LOL.
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    dreamer - I certainly hope it's not because of easy child's "unmarried" state, but when I went through this, my doctors admitted me to the hospital for 5 days, and I was told up front it would be for AT LEAST 5 days.
    First was to get the throwing up stopped.
    Then liquids.
    Then semi-solids
    Then two full days of solids with absolutely NO episodes of throwing up. If I did have one? It was back to the beginning.

    Now granted, that was 18 years ago (NL's birthday is 3/5, so almost the exact time frame as your daughter is going through now - give or take a week - he was 2 weeks overdue).

    But I honestly CANNOT believe - especially after going through it myself - that her doctors are being SO complacent about this. Besides the nausea, they were checking me for gall bladder, and the diabetis that we already knew was an issue, and all kinds of things (I honestly don't remember how many ultrasounds and pokes and bleeds I went through in those 5 days).

    If it's any consolation - NL (other than being a meconium baby and having to have some aspiration done) was and is healthy as can be. My doctor's continually told me that the healthiest babies came from the "pukiest" moms - although they may have just been trying to be nice to me!!
  14. dreamer - glad to hear that baby seems fine. I hope that easy child starts feeling better. I would be pushing about the picture line and hope it works for her like it did for the person that the WIC nurse was talking about.

    At this day and age it is more and more common to find teen and young mothers. Some people will probably never come out of the dark ages. Just because she is 18 doesn't mean her life is over. My cousin was 15 when she was pregnant with her first. She is now in her early 20's and has 3 AND is a teacher.

    Hugs to you all and I will keep your daughter and that precious baby in my prayers,

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    a couple things to toss in here. My mom was very young when she had me. ALL my cousins were aged 13-15 (both girls and boys) and I mean like 50 cousins, when they had their first children. Me and MY siblings were the only ones who did not become parents young, and all of us were 30 before we had kids, altho that was NOT *MY* personal choice. So- in my family, my easy child is not all so young, LOL. she is actually on the "old" side, LOL.
    Altho I was 30 before I had my first child, I did not get my college first. I was on my own from age 12....and did not get into nurseing school itself until age 40- at which time I had 3 kids, 2 of whom were special needs and I had a seriously ill husband.....and I also had my own very serious health problems. As for college, I was in gifted classes till freshman year 2nd semester, and thenI bottomed out and was bottom ofmy HS class..but- I was top 2% in my college classes, and I took college classes for over 20 years. finally going full time after age 40.
    I personally feel my mother did better mothering of the kids she had when she was in her teens than the last child she had in her late 40s. and the kids she had in between? not so great. in my opinion, anyway. I have seen people make a plan, adhere religiously to their life plan and have it either slowly unravel or blow wide apart....I have seen people with no plan slowly get one to come togehter. So, nope, I myself have very few issues with it. Sure it would have been great for my very intelligent daughter to go to university, she has the incredibly good grades etc.....but, maybe thats just not how it is supposed to be for her. I think she is learning a far more valuable life lesson be flexible, to adjust, to forge ahead whatever cards you are dealt. and she is being gifted...she has our full support and will have a baby.and will still be able to pursue her education.

    As for these darned docs, well, they did a lot of labwork at her first ob gyne appointment, $3,000 worth, and then more at every ER visit.....they found no signs of infection etc.....
    She never has had a pelvic or internal exam, tho-----not dureing her almost 2 years on oral b'c or yet dureing the preg, or any other time. I find that a tad strange, but the nurse at wic and the ob gyne nurse both told me that is how things are done these days? they all keep telling me they just donot do internal or pelvic exams anywhere near as often as they used to? Nope, she has not ever had a pap. I kept taking her and warning her she would get one, but nope. currently all the docs and all the nurses are saying they mostly just want to SEE easy child....and NOT do any lengthy exam to cause her more discomfort? They said they wish to be as least "invasive" as possible until she isnot so ill. So- they keep IV lines open and going, and do LOTS and LOTS of lab work...via her IV lines. and also lots of urine tests all the time, when she canmake urine. Everything else, they leave up toher discretion, as tolerated, for now?
    The nurse at inpatient said she let easy child gohome becuz the hospital was upsetting easy child SO bad becuz of everything leading up to it.....and becuz easy child would have to be alone, and that freaked easy child out SO as SOON as PCs ketone levels fell nto normal range, nurse called doctor and doctor let her be discharged, so long as we continue to call for help when it begins to nosedive again. I also have a feeling becuz easy child has Medicaide as her secondary insurance, no health care provider is gonna be in any hurry to be building huge the start of this month, our state has told providers not to even bother to submit claims for now. They are not paying out to reimburse providers, and are not sure when they will begin to do so, again. BUT I had also already showed I would persevere and bring easy child in ifI thought things were not ok.....

    In more recent years, hospitals are less inclined tokeep people either in ER or on a floor...partly due to nosocomial infections. If you are ill, a hospital is a bad bad place tobe. IF you have someone who can watch you carefully at home, home is a much better healthier place to be. I do not work, our home is tiny. I am a nurse. So in our case for easy child.....they decided easy child would do much better in her own bed surrounded by her loved ones, with her familiar things and foods and routines etc. Ifit coms to needing a picture line, that will be done at home, too. and doctor has alreayd made it clear if we wound up back again anytime soon, that would be the next step- becuz they have alread y now ruled out other causes for this and have done about all they can do to try to keep it under control. picture line is next step.
    Once we got it thru ERs head that we WERE in constant touch with docs office and once we got it thru docs heads that we were not exagerating, and after they got done pointing fingers, they did finally settle in some. we go in to docs office in morning again........and see how things look to doctor at that time. I AM a littlenervous tho becuz it is getting hot and humid again and our ac is broken.....which doesnot help things at all.
    BUT except for upon waking this morning, easy child has NOT vomited today again, YAY!- even with haveing a wic appointment AND ultrasound, YAY! so with luck, maybe we ARE turning a corner here. I hope so. I miss my vibrant over acheiving easy child. LOL.