Preparing for husband's return

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    The time has come, we have no less than two weeks and no more than 30 days before husband comes home. I won't be given an actual return date until 24-48 hours before his return. I have warned him about trying to surprise us, I know that shock and excitement with no warning would send difficult child into a severe episode. We've watched the Sesame Street dvds about deployment and homecoming, she focused more on how this soldier or that soldier looked like Daddy. We had a calendar for her to mark the days but when she asked me to mark the day he came home (I used the final day of his orders, max time) and she saw the month span she ripped it off the wall in frustration.
    To make matters worse Im applying for a job at the corrections facility and if accepted, which is highly likely, I'll be gone M-F for 7 weeks for training then I'll be working. I've already decided on a nanny for the girls, I don't think difficult child is ready for 10 other kids 40 hours a week and this way she can still get into the developmental preschool run through our district.
    As if all of this isn't enough, if husband is accepted for a transfer to active duty he'll be moving to his new duty station and waiting for us when we are ready to join him.
    difficult child is fairly stable now, although still impossible to redirect.
    Besides telling husband to step back and watch our routine and methods until he is comfortable with them and discussing the changes with difficult child, can anyone think of what else I can do?
    I've literally been sick when I think of everything that will be happening in the next few months and what it will do to difficult child, I want to make this as easy on her as possible.
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    Im so happy that your husband is coming home!

    I know my granddaughter wouldnt have that command of a months time frame. She is just starting to be able to understand the concept of visitation every other week. Next week was a completely foreign concept to her for a very long time. We had to say...real soon baby. She still gets very confused.

    I would think it would be near to impossible to explain to a child this age that Daddy may be home anytime between two weeks to 4 weeks. I think I would just say...Daddy's gonna be home real soon guys. It will be really exciting. We will be real happy. Maybe instead of doing a count down. Do a count UP. Lets see how many ribbons we can put in the yard before daddy gets home. Put out one each day. Or one for each girl. Or cut out balloons on the fridge or something.