Mom? What's a difficult child?
So psychiatrist3 started apt by actually talking to K... asking her questions. SHe had a hard time answering, shy, anxiety who knows? "I can't remember" Was her answer.

We discussed everything, he is very happy she is doing so well at school, making friends etc!!! So am I, she has never had a friend before, :crying: and she told psychiatrist she was the "cool" girl!!! LOL
He said he didn't know how to go about an IEP or 504 at this point???

He then said what I thought, he doesn't want to abruptly stop the Abilify, and with her extreme hyperness before school and after as well as her inability to focus after school, he wants to help that and decrease the Abilify... He felt bringing out whatever the Abilify is helping as well the other symptoms that are pretty bad right now would not be good for her or school or even me!!! husband is going to working 2 weeks back and forth starting next month!!!

So he wants to start Tenex, drop Abilify to 2.5mg BID and keep Lamictal the same. See how she does?
Apt was an hour and he really listens and I think wants to help us. He also said he does not want to do any MRI/EEG studies because he would want her off of medications to do an accurate one and all of the time and effort we have put into Lamictal... so now is not the time, he feels. And the medications would be helping a seizure disorder anyway, he feels. ???

I have had a few minutes to read a bit on Tenex... doesn't sound horrible... only found stuff for ADHD kids.

Must run, I have an extremely wound up 6 yo... ugh. :hammer:


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I have never used tenex, but he sounds reasonable. I hope this works well for you. difficult child had an rEEG, and he had to be medication free for 6-8 weeks. psychiatrist thinks it was great, I do not get it. Guess that is why I am not a psychiatrist.

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I'm glad the appointment went well and that K is the "cool" girl! That must make you feel great that she is feeling so good about herself!! As far as Tenex difficult child was on it such a short time that I can't really comment on it.


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difficult child took this. Took it at night - which helped her fall asleep earlier.
It is a blood pressure medication, so it is VERY important to give it to her the same time every day. No skipping.

I could not get Dex to ensure difficult child would take it every night, so I had to stop it. But, it was proving to be a medication that improved her outlook on life.


An MRI can be performed whether a child is on medications or not. An EEG may not show seizures if a child is being treated with an anticonvulsant/mood stabilizer like Lamictal. The psychiatrist is therefore right that the treatment for seizures includes anticonvulsant/mood stabilizers like Lamictal. Abilify lowers the seizure threshold, however, so if a seizure disorder is present, that medication might be making things worse.

We have never used Tenex, only its cousin Clonidine. Both are blood pressure medications that are prescribed off label for ADHD. They help with hyperactivity and imulsivity, but do nothing for inattention.


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We have had good results with Clonidine, Tenex's brother/ I am hoping the same holds true for you. It has really helped with the rage issues.

Just one thought though, isn't she also on Prazosin? Another blood pressure medication? Was he concerned about keeping tabs on her BiPolar (BP) getting too low if she was on 2? I know she had that episode of getting light headed and vomiting, so when you said Tenex it just made me wonder.

The best of luck.


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Both our boys took Tenex for years and it was helpful and had no
side effects BUT GFGmom took difficult child to a new MD who was "not familiar with Tenex" and switched his medications cold turkey. NOT!!
difficult child ended up being in the hospital for three days with high blood

It's a very helpful medication but NEVER just stop it. You have
to slowly decrease the dosages until the system is stable. DDD


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I saw that it doesn't help with inattentiveness... but that does not seem to be a problem at school... so far!!!

I am hoping, as is psychiatrist that if she could just calm down a bit she would be able to relax... when she is relaxed she is amazing, what she can do with her mind and hands!!! She wants to learn to sew better and knit. But can not sit still by the time she gets home from school. Maybe this will help... we have tried letting her "burn" it off. It does nothing. I know this will not help her "focus" but I think if she was not so amped up it jusmt ight lead to better focus, I hope!!!

I am glad to hear some of you have had good results with Tenex... the Clonidine was just too sedating, we never got to see if it would work or not???

He wants an update in a week.