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    This lady is a saint. She is the one person who backs difficult child at school. She works at three different schools. She has helped us so much. She gave difficult child her cell phone number and told him to call her if he ever needs to talk. He did this Wednesday when troubles at school happened. She returned his call Wednesday evening and said she would be at his school the next day. She stopped in and checked on him.

    I sent her an email tonight regarding "extended time out". Where if difficult child were extremely upset, and needing to leave the building with me to go home rather than get sent to ISS or OSS. I asked if we could add that to his IEP or if that required an IEP meeting.

    LOL...she replied at 3:13 AM. She said "Yes we can add it, called Changes to an IEP without having a meeting" :rofl:
    I did voice my concern of this being abused. That I be called to pick him up if he forgets a pencil. She is going to add it in a way that would not allow that abuse.
    She informed me that she saw difficult child yesterday and he looked very tired. She said she would get his work together for Monday and Tuesday, but she doesn't want him to feel overwhelmed with work, so she is going to have it "modified". Also discussed difficult child going to school today. He is so exhausted, would it be worth the frustration? Should he just rest and re-coop? would he understand the work being so tired? But he has two tests today. She did say she would check on him if he was at school and have him call if he was to tired. If I felt that would be ok.

    She makes me feel so good about school. She really works hard with difficult child. She is so young and so informed. She makes a world of difference.

    Anyone have opinions about attending school vs resting?
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    The program director sounds like a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as it isn't overused I definitely believe in resting at home for a day if it is needed. I think sometimes it is very important and that if a tired difficult child is in school (at least my difficult child) some not so good things can happen. Not to mention I think sometimes by taking that day to rest they can recharge and if maybe ward off getting sick.
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    I have definitely kept kt home when she was so exhausted, (physically, emotionally, etc) knowing that she would be more likely to fall apart & I'd be called in to pick her up. One year in kt's IEP she was given one mental health day a week. That slowly, over the year, became a half day, & then once every other week, then once a month. Now it's written in as when necessary as determined by parent.

    Address the overuse as it occurs. Only you can determine what is too much.
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    Like Sharon and Linda, I am a believer in, what we call at our house, a mental day. It's a day to just regroup and get it back on. I really think some of our gsgf need that every now and then. Like Sharon, sending my difficult child to school over tired is usually a recipe for disaster!

    Glad you found a great support for both you and difficult child.

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    This "extended time out" is for when he is having a rough day at school, and looks like it is heading down hill toward suspension. Then i will get a call. Maybe for an hour or two. Maybe the rest of the day. that will all depend on the issues. But, a little concerned with the new VP and if he will call at all, or if he will call for every little thing.

    Yes difficult child gets upset,frustrated with him I do. Most people would if someone leans forward, gets in your face and starts accussing you of things without even asking YOU what happened.

    Hope things will turn around.
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    Given ALL circumstances, I would let him stay home.
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    I'm all for resting if needed. As long as it isn't abused, sometimes we all just need a break. difficult children need it more than easy child kids at times because they're lack of sleep can turn into a total awake nightmare.

    What a great program director. I wish we had someone like that at the schools my kids go to.

    My oldest difficult child sort of has this with his science teacher. This man is amazing, he was PCs teacher last year too. Very intuitive with kids and their problems. He reads kids body language and mood very well. Love him!

    Hope he gets some rest! Give that program director a big hug from me. She is a sweety!
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    I let thank you stay home when he is overwhelmed or I can tell that he is starting to have a hard time. It is usually about 1 day every other week, but sometimes it is several days in a row.

    This year he is having a harder time because they keep cutting recess if the kids can't be still in class or in line. I know they need to have some consequences, but wouldn't laps around the playground be more constructive?

    Hugs to the Program Director!!!! We need many more people like that in our schools!!!


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    Spoke with the program directer on and off through the night. We came up with a plan. She was going to be at the school until shortly after lunch. So, we set up a "modified" day. He came in later, left early. She met him in the office when we came in, and she took him to the library. He had two chapter tests yesterday, and she hooked him up with the computer so he could take the tests using the computer. No teacher/classroom stress. Worked out great.

    She is also speaking to his teachers about having his homework for the days he has been out, and will be out modified. She said they do that with any student having medical issues. That way the student doesn't feel so overwhelmed trying to complete so much work while recovering.

    As much as I want difficult child to be IN the class learning, this has been an extremely tough week.

    I sent husband a text to call me at work early Friday am. He did. I tried to explain the "modified" day. (husband and I are having a rought say the least) He just went off. He doesn't think difficult child should stay up late to do homework, and I insisted he stay up and do it. Maybe if he did it at school, or in class he wouldn't need to be staying up late. So, when I mentioned this modified day, he just went off. You know, all my fault. So, I never was able to explain. Just told him I am not going to deal with him when he is yelling. So, instead of having difficult child sleep in, husband woke him up and told him to get ready for school.

    I left work early Friday also. Spoke to him about the plans for the day. He was very happy. "only if it is ok with you mom"

    This day made all the difference in the world. He was so much more at ease. Like a ton of weight was lifted off him. He was SO much more relaxed. A whole different kid. This was amazing. I will never hesitate again to do this. I wonder if we can have a "modified" day scheduled in somewhere. It was wonderful.