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Just thought I'd let you guys know how my son in rehab is doing. He came to our house on Saturday to watch his kids, and I was able to chat a bit with him. He's been in rehab for about 6 weeks now, and has 10 weeks to go. I had called my mom to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she was able to video-chat with all of us. She commented on how good he looked, and he said he has gained 15 pounds since being in rehab. He's always been thin, but had got very skinny while on the heroin. He told me that eating three meals a day instead of one meal every two days was making a difference.

He said he's working with an attorney to see if he can got something on his criminal record expunged (not sure which charge), and is also working with the VA to see about getting his benefits reinstated. So it seems like he's trying to take care of as much of that type of business as he can. It's great that the center provides access to that kind of help. He's also put in an application for transitional housing to live in afterward.

He helped me pack up the remainder of our Christmas boxes (I know, nevermind!) and took them down to the basement. He decided not to come over yesterday because he would have to be back to the rehab center before the Superbowl started. They were having a party there, and didn't want the residents to be in a party atmosphere elsewhere!

So, as always, I'm cautiously optimistic. It just makes me feel good to see him looking healthier than he has in a while, although I know he still has a lot of hurdles to get over.


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I know it makes you feel so good to see him doing well.

Every sober day is a gift.

Prayers that this continues for your family and he gets his life together.

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So pleased for you. Day by day and every day is one day he hasn't used! Maybe feeling and looking better will help him to drive himself to continue on to better things. xx