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  1. Liahona

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    difficult child 2 hasn't liked being read to until today. He got a book and got my attention and we sat and read for over an hour! I pointed to pictures and read pages as he flipped the pages. Sometimes we only read a few words per story but this is great progress. Before he wouldn't sit for the story part. He just liked bringing me books from off the shelf. I hope it continues.
  2. totoro

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    Yeah!!! that is nice to hear... our difficult child 2 who is about to turn 3 in May... did the same thing, she finally likes to lay in bed with us and read at night. But she moves non-stop... and still tries to turn the pages. She will sit and "read" on her own sometimes. But doesn't really want us to read to her very often except at night.

    hope it is so nice for the both of you.

    Is that an update on you signature??? 12/5/07??? If so how are you feeling? Where do you get the energy?!?!? And Congratulations!!! :smile:
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    Duckie is six and still grabs the pages while wiggling around, lol! Congratulations. I don't think that parents of easy child's appreciate the sweetness of these small victories.
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    Congratulations! It is so nice to sit and read with them! I love it when Sammy does that! Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the congratulations, and yes it is an update. I don't have the energy, but somehow I'll do it. I felt the same way when easy child was coming. What am I doing!!! How am I going to do this with difficult child 1 and difficult child 2!?! But now he just fits right in and its so nice to have him. He is a calming influence (and he is only 1). I think this one will be the same way. And if its another difficult child at least we'll know what to look for and how to get services.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well then I am sending you LOTS of energy and a big hug and a bigger-

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :smile: :angel: