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    Things are just getting better and better for M. This weekend is visitation so we got our phone call yesterday. She has progressed to the point where she is filling out a job application today!! (They work with three different companies that hire the clients there - I am not sure which one she is applying for but she is thrilled). AND they said if she is still doing this good a month from now, Connor will be able to come live with her. It took me by surprise because it is so quick but he has been crying for mama a it will be really good for both of them to be together. I am not giving custody yet, but I do not see her taking off. She sent a letter this week saying this is not just a rehab anymore - this is home. She asked me to send her probation officer an email telling her that she says THANK YOU. :) Also in her letter she apologized for passing judgments on us so long ago and blaming us for her poor choices. She is just growing so much!! I am still amazed...

    AND because I just wasn't busy enough with a toddler, we got a puppy. A miniature schnauzer we named Winston Cooper. I just got him yesterday and wow did I luck out!!! The breeder really works with her pups and so he came crate trained and house trained pretty much - I just need to stay on top of him to keep it up. He slept ALL night in his crate next to the bed - we could hardly believe it!! He stays with me wherever I go - thank goodness I will have a little buddy because it is going to be pretty lonely once Connor goes to his momma...

    So I just wanted the new people to know - there IS hope!!!! <3
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    That's amazing! I love hearing about those turning points. Way to go for your daughter for picking herself up and working on herself. All the best to all of you.
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    Great update PG, I love hearing your daughter's progress. Have fun with the puppy!!
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    Great news PG, I love the optimism in your daughter's call and in your post.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this @PatriotsGirl. It's nice to know that your daughter is making good progress.

    Winston Cooper is a great name. :) It's even more great that he is already pretty much house broken. That's always been the biggest struggle when we have gotten a puppy. Have fun with him.
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    Its so great to hear this. I remember how bad things were and it is always good to know there is hope!
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    Just came back from our individual counseling session and dropping Connor off for kids night. She got a job!! She is taking parenting classes and will earn her 7 hour pass in one month. We are going to book a camping trip close by for that weekend so we have a safe place to bring her for her time.

    She looks so happy. She has true joy and it shows. :)

    We will be able to take Connor at least one weekend a month. It is going to be hard switching visitation to where he is with her full time but it is for the best. He is so happy when he is with momma. Not that he isn't happy here with us - he is, but it's different with momma... :)

    And it will be nice to get to be just Nana again...
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    Wow how happy I am to read this!! What a wonderful feeling to see our difficult children change before us! She will feel good about herself to work and take care of Connor. It's important for them to feel they are doing something with their lives! My son is doing excellent too and I'm overjoyed. He is healthy: Mind. Body. Soul. I'm beyond grateful!
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    This rehab is just a Godsend. It truly is. And may God bless ST!!! That woman is the most incredible human being I have ever met. She is going to baptize both M and I!! The campground that we booked for that weekend is the same one she baptizes people at, which is funny because I have always LOVED the river at this particular campground. ST is the one that brought us both to God so we feel it only fitting that she be the one to baptize us and how amazing it will be done at my favorite river spot!! <3

    Almost time to start getting ready to go see her and attend group counseling. Words just cannot express how proud of her I am!! So blessed that we get the rest of our lives to make up for lost time. It is hard to hear the truth, though. It is hard to hear that she did not feel loved growing up and I am sure it is hard for her to hear that she added a lot of stress to the household. But at the same time, it is very cleansing to be able to express these things, apologize, forgive and move on..
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    I so enjoy reading your posts PG, there is so much love, optimism and redemption in them. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. :love_heart:
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    Your family has truly been blessed - and you are blessing all of us by sharing it with us. God is Good!
  12. lovemyson1

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    God changes people! Thanks for sharing, I'm thrilled for you & your family!
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    Yes He does!! Myself included! :)

    Today was great! We got to have our visitation at the children's dorm instead of the main one. That alone was far nicer. Connor had the big toy room to play in and we all got to take the children outside to play. :) before this point, we couldn't even be outside together at the same time.

    We had a great group session - today was about Co-dependency. I wish I could express how wonderful these sessions are. I honestly don't feel we ever have enough time in the hour. But there was some brutal honestly today and the staff told M and I that they see growth with both of us.

    We ARE blessed - BEYOND blessed... ♡
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    A puppy!? You are crazy!! Haha, just kidding. I suppose Winston Cooper will be a good distaction when Connor goes to be with her.

    Wow. Mom has come far! I love reading your happy updates. I hope and pray everything goes well for both of them.
  15. SomewhereOutThere

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    PG, God is good, in any religion, and He has sent many blessings to you and your AMAZING daughter. She is a hero. It is so hard to quit and she is doing it for herself, for you, for Connor. Give her an extra hug next time you see her for all her board aunties who love her and admire her and are cheering for her like crazy. And I'm so happy for YOU too!!!!!
  16. PatriotsGirl

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    I actually got REALLY lucky with the puppy!!! He is only 11 weeks old and he sleeps through the night in his crate - EVERY night!! We are doing very well with house training, too. :) (he is currently snoring in his bed at my feet lol)

    I will definitely give her an extra hug! I squeeze her to the point of her not being able to breathe every time I see her but I can't help it. She just makes me SO proud!!! I am really missing her right now...can't wait for Sunday so I can see her again. :)

    I told husband that during the camping weekend it will be a good time for him and her to sit down and talk. They need to release what has been hindering their relationship, forgive each other and move forward like her and I have. More healing... <3

    Thanks for listening to my happy posts now. There was a long time that it was all darkness. There IS hope!!
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    PG it's so wonderful to hear how great you all are doing! Hope M and hubby can work things out, too!
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    So happy to hear how well your family is progressing. You will have lots of fun with your puppy. They are just like little kids. My son is still homeless here in Oklahoma but I have turned him over to God. I'm praying I will see a positive outcome. God is good. Enjoy your camping trip!! Hugs
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    We saw her at church yesterday morning. Papa and I had been working with Connor all week to say "I love you". I asked him to say it to her and he did and then a little while later, all on his own, he said "love you momma" and gave her a kiss!! <3 Greatest moment!! :)