psychiatrist wants rule out for seizures, anyone in SoCal?


Here we go again!
Thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier post about difficult child 2's "zoning out" episodes.

I did call the psychiatrist last night and he wants me to take him in for a neurology consult to rule out seizures. Unfortunately, the neuro he recommended doesn't have anything until mid-April, and I'd rather get in sooner if I can.

We have a children's hospital near us, but before I just start dialing blind I wanted to know if anyone else on this board has experience with a neuro in Southern California? I can travel to LA or Orange County area.

Thanks in advance!


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If you haven't already done this, you could call the p-doctor and see if he thinks you should be seen sooner. He might be able to get the neurologist to see you sooner.

When easy child needed a neurologist, it was going to be months before anyone would see her. I called every place 3 cities around here. Then her orthopedist called the neurologist and got her an appointment the next day.


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Contact the local chapter of the Epilepsy foundation to see if they have a list of recommended neurologists.
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I am a new member here and I was wondering if you could tell me what a gluten-free diet means?

I have a 9 year old with O.D.D. (not diagnosis yet, but sees psychiatrist in April). We have noticed that he does have grave reactions to certain foods, particularly food dyes, sugar, unhealthy carbs. But I am interested in finding out more about what being gluten free means?

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EEG's don't rule out temporal lobe seizure disorders. The can only rule them in. Fifty percent of TLE is undetected by EEGs.


I know you're anxious to get in to see the neurologist, but a 6-week wait for a good specialist is not that unusual (we've definitely had to wait that long or longer for the right specialist). If your psychiatrist thinks this is the doctor to see, you may want to wait it out. You could also ask to be put on a cancellation list and be available on short notice should an opening arise.

In the meantime, you might want to ask the psychiatrist about lowering the Focalin XR dose. The "zoning out" could be from the high level of stimulants your difficult child is taking.


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My son has seizures and has a wonderful team of doctors that take care of his medical needs, I'll PM you with a link.....And I am in Ca, His doctors are in Orange County.


Here we go again!
Well now I'm not so sure about all this...

difficult child 2 and I spent Friday night and all day Saturday alone in San Diego for a school project.

He told me it happened again on Friday morning at "8:42" while he was in class. The preciseness of his answer was weird, I thought. Then I asked him some questions about this "spacing out/zoning out" and his answers leave me doubtful that this is a neuro issue:

Does it happen at recess or P.E.?

-- No.

Does it happen ever at home?

-- No.

Just when you're in class?

-- Yes.

Are you talking or writing or doing anything when it happens?

-- No. Mostly just when I'm bored.

So now I'm wondering if this is just intense daydreaming! And if that's the case, I sure don't want to waste anybody's time...

Very confusing.


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Can be very confusing lol but just my opinion you should have seizures ruled out. You just never know, I am not aware of how this all came about, Meaning did he come to you mentioning that he was experiencing this or did you hear it from a teacher noticing him spacing out? If he came to you telling you about what he is experiencing then its obvious that he sees it as being disruptive to him. I sent you a PM with a link to an awesome team of doctors (Neuros)in OC. If you have any problem with the link just let me know and I'll resend it.