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    First, I want to apologize for not being available lately. My illness is kicking my hiney, although the pain is so much better right now, so that's good. And everything going on with difficult child, my "second son", and easy child, plus filing for SSDI which is taking the wind out of my sails - I'm just emotionally and physically spent.

    Yesterday was difficult child's birthday. My mom came up. First off, my mom and my daughter got along beautifully all day long. We went shopping - to the book store, for clothes, to the mall. Just spent the day together. Had birthday cake.

    I haven't seen such peace in my daughter in years. I imagine that opening up and sharing her fears has taken a huge weight from her. That's the feeling I get.

    We got her a journal. It's cute. On the front it reads, "It's all about ME". I told her she should use this to write her thoughts, feelings, worries, etc for (and I whispered) the therapist. She asked me why I was whispering. (!!!) Because we were in a store and I figured she would be really upset if I said it so others could hear.

    I've suggested, and previous tdocs have suggested, that she keep a journal like this and she's never been interested. Last night she wrote in it for the therapist and wanted me to read it. She really is going to be, I believe, an active participant in her treatment. She, for the first time, seems to really want to make changes and get better.

    But, the happiness. The peace. The joy. Wow. It was breathtaking.

    I have so much hope.
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    O that's wonderful news!!

    Happy Birthday difficult child!

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    Oh that is great. I hope she continues to have an interest in her treatment. That is so important.

    Hugs to you and your SSDI journey. I have been down that road with husband now 3 times. We are waiting to hear about the last appeal. I hope that your process goes smoothly and quickly.
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    OMG this is HUGE!!!!

    I am certain at least some of her newfound peace is due to the fact she finally opened up. She has someone to share her burden and fears with.......and we all know what a enormous relief and comfort that is. That is such a huge load to carry all alone.

    Such behavior/attitude was when Nichole planted her feet onto the road of stability. I think difficult child is headed in the same direction. And to be doing it at her age is positively awesome. Nichole was still fighting me tooth and nail at 15.

    It still a scary road to travel, just not quite so scary when you know there are others to help and guide you along the way. It won't be easy, but nothing that's truly worth it ever is.

    Tell difficult child how proud this board auntie is of her. And let her know Nichole and I are both cheering her on from the side lines. :D

    Wow. I could so do a happy dance right now.