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Hi Family:

I used to be an EMT as many of you know. I didn't have a great fire dept when I was working as a volunteer, but this county seems more female friendly....alot more.
I miss being an EMT and the only way to get the training free here is to volunteer for a Fire Dept. I have no problem with this, however, husband has expressed on a couple of occaisions that he wouldn't be too thrilled with this idea and that I had a child to raise.....I know that! :hammer:
I still think I can do it. I just went to the website to give my name in to have a dept contact me.
I wonder if it will really bother husband and why?

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Doesn't he have a child to raise too? Does that stop him from doing what he wants to do? Sounds pretty piggy (as in male chauvinist) to me.


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Didn't you have a serious back injury?
How will you handle child care?
Can you do it a day or two a week until you can work things out?

It's extremely physical work. If you aren't able to keep the schedule it's not like an office where the work waits for you. Others either work short staffed or have to double to cover shifts.

If you can balance the child care, do the physical lifting, pulling, hoisting and climbing and commit the time then there is no reason to ask permission. On the other hand as newlyweds, this is when you both learn to negotiate your lives. If you do things without caring what he thinks then you have to be prepared for him to do the same thing. What discussions about the future and your working did you have before marriage? Is he being realistic and practical or want to control you into staying home 24/7.


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OH....I thought this was a trick asked for experts. I thought....well i'm not going to respond to that!

The first question of WHY I think should be discussed with your hubby. However I would get my duckies in a row and list the advantages over the disadvantages and then a schedule of whom does what if you go to work.

EMT is tremendously physical work - not that you couldnt' do it, but can you do it now?

If it's the job itself that hubby has a problem with then maybe you could find a job working in the same line of work but with less hours?

Hope this helps...
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Why do you want to go back to being an EMT? is it because "you can" or is it because you truly miss the lifestyle and the career?

Arent' the hours not very conducive to your current schedule? If you were an EMT, couldn't you work in the local hospital or Dr's office as a Medical Assistant?

I would think having a talk with husband and asking him what his thoughts are or more exactly, what his fears are.


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This seems like a great opportunity to set the stage for how big decisions will be handled in your new family. You can sit and talk about why you want to do this, what it means to you. You can listen to why he doesn't want you to do this, and what he thinks it will mean to your family.

I hope you have a great conversation, and can recognize each other's fears and needs.