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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by stepmonster, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. stepmonster

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    You guys always figure out stuff so here goes:
    easy child would like to use step-dads/my last name for baby. I'm trying to figure out the laws for naming a baby in Minnesota. I've googled every combination I can think of!! Any ideas??
  2. CrazyinVA

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    OK, I found the MN Health Dept site that gives information to hospitals re their obligations when filling out birth records:

    Looks like: if the parents are not married, there is no "presumption" of paternity and the father must get a court order to give the baby his last name. It doesn't specifically say what last name the baby gets, otherwise. But, since the forms filled out at the hospital must contain the mother's name, I'm not sure you have a choice on the original birth certificate as to giving the baby any other last name. I would suggest talking to the nurses in the labor & delivery unit where she is going to have the baby, they can confirm what THEY are required to do, by law. I suspect what your easy child would have to do would be to change the baby's name after the fact. You may be able to call the Dept of Vital Records and ask as well, if you can get a knowledgeble and helpful person on the phone (if it's like some of the the state employees here, good luck lol)

    That's just a guess, though. Finding the name change laws is probably easier... let me know if you can't find those and I will look them up (paralegal/researcher extraordinaire, here lol)
  3. Suz

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    I found a lot of interesting sites but none that really addressed your question. I think your best bet is to ask an attorney.

  4. Hound dog

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    Usually they give the baby the mother's last name if she's single unless she wants the father's last name.

    I think I'd ask an attorney too, since what she's wanting is unusual.
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    WELL......whatever she names it - it can NOT be as bad as the guy DF went to grade school with.

    Real Name:
    Dinky Fatterpacker

    Call an atty. OR call social security - no don't call them, you'll end up calling them a an atty. I belive whatever name she wants to give the child and writes on the SSI application will be his/her name.

    OHHHHHHH another baby - coochie choochie cooooooo....i'm your auntie!:laugh:
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    My Mom worked with Chris Pissamissus!!!
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    When my youngest was born, her birthmother gave her our last name. It has never been a problem. But, then, maybe adoption is different, although the baby hadn't even been relinquished yet...yeahl, an attorney, not me...hehe. Congrats on becoming a grandma :)
  8. Star*

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    As an adoptee - My birth certificate was made - then redone and original destroyed. I think that makes me a master forger. lol :tongue:
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    I used to live next door to a Penelope Poopstain.
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    OMG, why don't those people change THEIR names? :rofl:

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    Seriously, I gave L my last name. Her dad offered to file it for me and forged it to read his last name. What else would a lawyer do? I mean, he couldn't say "yes" when I asked him if he wanted his name on it... The judge ordered it to be hyphenated, and she uses his last name on everything. I don't think that there is anything in her real name.

    On the other hand, we gave M both my and husband's last names hyphenated, on his birth certificate, and then had to get a court order changing it to husband's last name when I changed to husband's name 13 years after we were married. Both birth certificates have legal addendums on them.
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    I am finding that my daughter(easy child), now that she is 18, may be able to change her name. I have also found this is wayyy easier and cheaper to do than I thought. Then baby can be our last name.
    Then my daughter will have the same name as a famous movie star!!!!