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    As you all know, my health is at such a point that I am useless around the house. I cannot manage to even scramble an egg.

    We live out in the country a few miles out of town. And we have 3/4 of an acre that is all 2 feet high. The pastor who lives across the road mowed some of the lawn near the road and then got a brush cutting tool of some kind and came last week and cleared out the high weeds where the bird seed grew (we had the beginnings of a nice patch of wheat and other plants!). He did not want payment, just thought he would help.

    We are soon to get some cash, a one time payment. husband has agreed that I will hire someone to brush-hog the yard and get it trimmed up nicely, with the brush taken away.

    I also want to pay someone to come in and clean the house. Deep clean, help us get through the stuff that has piled up. I would need someone motivated as I cannot work side by side with them.

    What do I ask about when I talk to yard services and to potential housekeepers?

    My mom has a lady who cleans once a week in her house. We cannot afford regular help, but we can handle having someone come in and do a deep clean.

    But I do NOT want someone who gets hurt coming back to sue me. Nor do I want to have them set us up for a robbery.

    I also want someone who will not be judgemental. I get enough of that from family. We do not live in this mess because we like it. We do it because I hurt and husband is overwhelmed and the kids have been home all summer.

    Thanks in advance ladies!
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    I would ask the house cleaners if they charge by the hour or by the job. I prefer the ones that charge by the hour because they seem to clean more thoroughly. If they are paid by the job, they are motivated to get out of there quickly. You can always set a time limit to keep it affordable.

    I would also ask them if they clean only according to a set list or if they clean what needs to be done. Again, I think someone that is paid by the job is more likely to have a set list of what they will do.

    If you get someone who works in the neighborhood regularly or for someone you know, that would help reduce the risk of a later robbery, I would think.

    If everyone were neat, housekeepers would be out of work, so don't worry about them being judgemental!
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    Susie...I have the same problems but without the cash coming in.

    Hiring someone to come do the yard work isnt a real big deal of a job. Unless you already know someone you want to use, I would advertise it on craigslist. List the dimensions of the property, the condition it is in and that you want the waste removed. Perhaps post a picture. Perhaps ask for bids.

    Now the housecleaning is a bit tougher for me. I dont want anyone to see my house trashy. I cant clean it but I dont want anyone else to know that! That said, you can get people who are bonded. that site also has housecleaners on it and they check them out as thoroughly as they do their daycare people and babysitters.
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    There are some national companies that are insured and bonded, so the cleaners do not actually work for you, they work for the company. That takes care of the workers comp etc. in case something happens.