Quick ? Re: IEP/Service plan from SD


Hi guys.

Hopefully this is a quick question.

Wee difficult child starts private school soon, and we're doing it simply because we feel he will not make it in public school. The recommendations when he left the early intervention preschool this summer were to continue pull-out Occupational Therapist (OT).

Am I correct in thinking that even tho he's not attending public school, that they are still responsible to provide needed services for him thru an IEP or service plan?


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It is my understanding that In Texas, and I think in all states, the answer is NO....private schools have no legal obligations to provide the IEP services public schools had in place. You could get lucky and they will "work" with your child, but they are not bound by law to follow it to the letter like public.


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Yes, you need an Individual Family Service Plan. The public school district must still provide some services. You may need to transport him to the public school for his Occupational Therapist (OT) but they still must provide it. My middle two attended a private school for 1st grade and the public school sent a SL path to the private school because there were so many kids needing SL services (basically about 50% of her caseload). But if you are the only or one of a few needing Occupational Therapist (OT), you'll need to take him there.