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  1. jasz1971

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    Just wanted to ask if someone on here could describe their personal experiences or their difficult child's experiences with racing thoughts. Thanks.
  2. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well for me personally...
    Mine are when my thoughts start coming one on top of the other. One will start and before I can finish with one thought the next is coming and I will struggle to go back and finish the other thought and the next one is coming on and i am trying to back up and go to the other one and it gets overwhelming yet I am trying to keep up with all of them because some of them are very interesting! (or so I think) LOL
    I get ticked because I want to slow them down or track them but have no way of doing it.
    If I am talking to someone or typing on the board when this going on it is pure h**l- I have to back track and stop and check to make sure I completed what I said or wrote.

    I have a hard time listening or keeping track of what people are saying because my brain is going so fast and going ahead of their conversation. I am planning what I am going to say and can't stop myself and often will keep interrupting which I hate!
    What is a drag is if i am arguing with husband, I can't keep up with the conversation because my mind is racing ahead, so i can't keep up with what was said! LOL
    So if he backtracks and quotes me on something I become so flabbergasted!!!
    If I am sitting around alone... the thoughts will just free flow, sometimes I will talk to myself to let it out.

    That is a few examples off of the top of my racing mind! :)
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The way my difficult child 2 has described racing thoughts is:

    "My head feels like it's a beehive and all the bees have had too much honey."


    "My head feels like a file cabinet that has exploded and I can't get to anything -- everything is all over the place. As soon as I get one thought it's gone and another one takes its place. It's really frustrating!"

    Hope that helps.

    When he's like this, I usually also notice an increase in physical activity that seems to match the racing thoughts. He's very agitated -- like he's on some kind of stimulant.
  4. difficult child describes them as when your thoughts are coming faster then you could possibly speak them aloud.
  5. jasz1971

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    Thanks for your input. I've been having intrusive fast moving anxious thoughts for about a year. All the thoughts are generally related to something that is going on with my kids that I'm trying to fix. Some days worse than others and they impact my ability to focus and sleep. They are driving me crazy. I feel like my brain is on high speed. I'm not sure if they are related to an anxiety disorder or may be a symptom of bipolar. Thanks again.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I would go and talk to someone if i were you. anxiety can be a part of BiPolar (BP), I have both. But my anxiety is part of my BiPolar (BP) and my anxiety makes things worse.
    But anxiety can cause some of these things also especially with the stress you have on your plate.
    You need to take care of yourself, this has been going on too long.
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    Racing thoughts? Huh?

    Weeeeee!!!! Catch me if you...wait....ohhh....Is that a

    I was just in the store and I bought a, did I tell you that I went to see a movie, but oh I just bought a new top the other day too, I think I am having spaghetti for supper, did I get garlic! Ya know, Law and Order is gonna start!Wait -I think Americas guy Kevin...isnt that what Jamies best friend in boot camp was, I think we named a cat...oh yeah, where is that cat...oh yeah the cat died...died, I think the gold fish is gonna die...wait wait...I have to go get garlic bread for dinner tonite....what is for dinner anyway!

    Did you mention something about racing thoughts? Why?
  8. miles2go

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    My difficult child described it as nit knowing where his thoughts began.
    As far as BiPolar (BP) -- family history? Alcoholism? Suicides? Grand plans?