Raging returns for Duckie


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It's been coming for awhile now, Duckie has been getting wound pretty tight lately. And tonight was the night. :rolleyes: She was warned that her bedroom door would be closed if she fooled around rather than settle right down for bed. She fooled around, I shut the door, she raged for nearly an hour. She threw stuff & screamed epithets at me through the door and pleaded with her father to save her, lol. :hammer:
I was threatened that she would:
-run away
-call 911 (who teaches them to call 911 on their parents! :devil:)
-say bad words
-have a miserable life & it would be my fault
-lose her voice and it would be my fault
-throw stuff until the door broke
-tell everyone what a bad & mean mommy I am
-break my computer
-cut my hair while I sleep so I look as stupid as I really am (I'll hide the scissors before bed, lol! :smile:)
-never hug me again
Then she tried to negotiate, she would:
-go right to sleep if I opened the door
-be good for me
-listen for once :smile:
-maybe even be quiet once in a while :rofl:
Then she pleaded some more with husband, didn't he know that she was:
-hot from crying
-sad from being treated so badly by mommy
-hurt & scared that he didn't help her
-thirsty from having to yell so much (she had water in her room)
-really upset and wanted me to sleep on the couch so she could sleep with him

Fortunately, husband didn't cave in. I even had him redirect her back to bed when she opened the door and tried to come out. She was broken-hearted that he didn't side with her. :crying: Like I said, this has been coming for awhile. Hopefully it will be out of her system rather than a spiral downward. Ugh! :thumbsdown:


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Good for you !!! way to stay strong! You did the right thing. I had to learn to do that with mine and his big crodille tears. Congrats!!!


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So sorry your night was so rough -- I impressed with your strength -- Once they get worked up its so hard to stop and settle down. Hopefully tonight was just an isolated incident. Everyone's allowed a meltdown every now and again. Hugs --


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It's easier to let her cry it out now than when she was a baby/toddler because I get to be amused by the spewage coming from her mouth. That was truly the hardest part of all this: keeping my laughter from becoming loud enough for Duckie to hear. :wink:

Sorry to hear about Duckie's "melt-down"!!! It's great that you and husband are on the same page!!!

My difficult children used to always try the negotiating tactics too when they were younger. :rofl: difficult child 2 still tries. He lets me know he'll stop screaming and calling me nasty names if I give him what he wants. :rofl: I don't think he'll ever get it through that thick skull of his that this will NEVER work!!! :hammer:

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed...Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for Duckie. Hopefully she'll get this out of her system ASAP!!! Tell her that her cyber Aunties know she can do it!!!

Thinking positive thoughts for you, husband, and Duckie...WFEN
Well, at least you get a variety. Mine hasn't raged in a long time but all I would get were death threats. That and being told I'd be put down the sewer, which might actually have been the same thing in his mind.

Good luck tomorrow.

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Good for you and husband for standing strong. I'm saying a prayer it is now out of her system. :angel:

Don't forget to hide the scissors :wink:


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Scissors are hid. I called my good friend during the rage and let her listen a bit. Duckie has always been a perfect angel around her so she thought it was funny to hear her spewing off at me. :rofl:
TM, I was feeling a little guilty as I read your first post, because I was laughing. When I saw your second post, I knew I was in common company.

Our daughters are the same age. The things that they come up with are witty, creative, hilarious. It is SO HARD not to laugh.


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It's nice that husband backed you up, although I'm sure Duckie was severely disappointed. Sorry you had a rough night. Maybe this will be like a relief valve and it'll be a long time til the next one.

Creative lil bugger isn't she? lmao



Whew what a night.

Sorry you went through it. My one difficult child threatened to tell on me to the point one day I actually called police myself (non- emergency line). I tod them why I called and that I wanted to put them on speaker. They actually told him to go to bed. So then he switched to wanting to call dhs. After he found that wouldn't work either it went down hill. I don't know why they learn this but glad you got to laugh about it.



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:smile: You mean husband didn't save duckie from her mean ole mommy :smile:

You might want to look at her schedule here at the beginning of the school year and make sure she has enough "down time". Sometimes our kids can get really overwhelmed this time of the year. New schedule, new demands in a new grade, homework, getting up earlier, after school activities, etc. Sometimes we don't know how they are doing inside until it explodes!

I also suggest some cuddling tonight!! :flower: She's a sweetie.



:rofl: I'm with BBK! Duckie is adorable even in full tantrum mode! I don't know if I could have not been rolling on the floor with all that "drama" !

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I can't but appreciate Duckie's creativity even in the midst of a tantrum. While it's nothing to laugh at - I had to chuckle just a little.

Having said that, you have it documented well; as you've seen this coming I would imagine you have the days prior documented as well.

From what I can see in kt - she holds it together for just so long & after that just needs to blow off a huge amount of emotions & steam. Once done, she's back to her ktbug self. (Don't be afraid - I'm in no way implying that little Duckie is in any way like ktbug :nonono: :surprise: ). Huge difference.

Here's to a better today for Duckie. :thumb:


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Thanks everyone. She slept a little late today so I need to prod her along for the bus. Her schedule has been hectic, she had something to do for cheer everyday last week. At least we are going down 1.5 hours 2x a week versus 2 hours 3x a week. And fortunately her only homework so far has to been to interview a parent (4 pre-printed questions) and to read 10 minutes everyday in the first 6 days of school.


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Glad she settled down. I'm a sucker for a sobbing child but it's good she saw you and husband on the same page. I'm sure the drama is wearing on you as well as for Duckie.
I love the threats to call 911 or to leave home to another family. difficult child was 13 the last time. I suggested if he found a family that would take him, let me know. I'll sign the papers. Haven't heard that threat again. :rofl:
So much rage in that little body. If you could bottle it, you could probably run your car on all that energy.


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At our school they have an abuse assembly each year. I think what some kids take from this is that if they think we're abusing them, they can call 911, CPS or tell a teacher and we will be dealt with. The problem is, what they consider "abuse" is not usually a true form of abuse. Ahhhh, kids and their drama.

I hope she's gotten it out of her system for awhile. I'm glad husband stood his ground with you.

I too find it amusing when my kids lose it like that. I try to hide that from them, but sometimes they see it. That just makes mine that much more POed. I just tell myself, I'll do better next time hiding it. Sometimes you just can't help yourself.

If it weren't for me laughing, I'd be pissy, so laughter sounds like a better option to me.


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TM, wow. That could have been my difficult child, right down to the exact words. I love the negotiating part at the end.
The main part is not to cave in.
I know you're all exhausted. Duckie included.
Take care of yourselves.


Quite a repertoire!

I'll have to be careful; you might steel my title of "the biggest, baddest meanie in the whole wide world." lol

Fingers crossed it's over.