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    I am on the fence as to wether this is watercooler or general...

    So our school district was selected "randomly" to be audited by the State. 2night was the public open forum for Special Education parents to be "educated" about the proccess.

    The #%$#^##^ Special Education director, made sure he emphasized the word "random" repeatedly, to the 20 or so parents who attended.

    There were 10 ?'s issued by the State for parents to respoond to. We were told repeatedly that we were to answer those ?'s only and not to ask any ?'s, that this was an audit meeting only.

    I sat front and center (of course) and when I learned our answers were being recorded and would be sent to the state auditor, I made sure I answered every single one (except the ones about preschool, my kids are elementary and high school).

    Lets say Mr %$#$^#%& kept calling my name (which he already knew quite well) while rolling his eyes and making a sarcastic hand gesture. "The audience is yours once again" he said towards the end.

    Well at least I knew the "audience" was listening because many parents began answering "I agree with what she said" and 5 Mom's came up to me afterwards asking for my #. Not to toot my own horn, but so many poor parents have no clue were to begin to look for help.

    God knew I needed to there tonight because the BA was supposed to come at 4 but last minute had to change it to 6 My Dad was supposed to watch difficult child while I was at the 6:30 PM meeting, but got stuck down the shore. So in the end the BA was with difficult child II so I could go to the meeting, how cool is that for divine intervention???
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    Good for you!

    On the second or third eye rolling and sarcastic gesture, I think I would've had to say, "Mr. #^$#^%, is there something in your eyes? And by any chance are you developing dystonia? Because your eyes are rolling around in your head and your hands are flapping like a chicken!". Let the auditor listen to that, LOL! Too bad it wasn't videotaped! ;)
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    Go ahead an toot your horn! You deserve it!
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    Way to go Warrior Mom!

    I love this idea!:rofl:
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    Kind of sounds like they really didn't want to hear any issues, doesn't it? I guess they can listen to their tape and think again. :)
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    Way to Go! You are wise to speak up when you are given a chance. You provided an opportunity for others to learn as well.
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    Good job!! Did you sneak in any answers they didn't ask for???
  8. amazeofgrace

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    I snuck in plenty of questions in answer form and made sure key points were addressed as parts of my answer to the questions. It was interesting also to hear/see other parents with the same problems with the Special Education department
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    Rolling eyes = intimidation tactic. Glad you didn't fall for it.

    Random? He probably wishes. lol

    Perfect! Reoccurring problems is probably what they are looking for -- otherwise it's attributable to an unrealistic, overly involved, hysterical parent.

    You go, Warrior Mom!