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    Ugh.....Im so sorry. Dealing with girls growing up is the one thing I am dreading with my grandchildren. I can already see how Keyana looks and behaves differently in the presence of boys. It worries me to death.

    Katie needs to figure out how to get out of that bed and get Kayla involved in some activity that she enjoys. That will give her somethng else to put her mind to instead of this internet thing. Or get some very good software on that computer that will shut her down. And instead of that cell phone she is using, get her the one for kids that she can program with the only people she is allowed to use in certain ways. I will have to think of its name. Its on the tip of my tongue but its also the middle of the night. LOL She might be better off with the larger Nabi tablet instead of the computer because it has parental controls parents can set.