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Has this ever happened to any of you???

I just posted yesterday because the SD has not been implementing the IEP for our 4th grade son with High-Functioning Autism (HFA). This last failure to implement has me burning up. His IEP clearly states and I quote,

“Student will participate in the District Local assessments with the following

"Taken in the learning support classroom with smaller testing groups, extended time,
frequent breaks, directions read aloud and clarified, and further accommodations
as per assessment specifications."

Well for 3 days my son took cognitive abilitites test in the regular classroom with no accomodations. We emailed the teacher on day 2 but got no response. Today I emailed the sp. ed. teacher and this was her reply --I quote

Dear Mrs. M_____,

The test that M_______ took were the Cognitive Abilities test. Every student
takes these tests and there are no accommodations provided for the students.
This is an ability test, which students take without accommodations.


Melissa B_______

Can they just override the IEP like this??? Any suggestions??



An ability test is not an assessment that reflects on the school for NCLB. THAT is where they want accommodations to help the school--not your child.

It is a toss up about whether or not one would want accomodations on an ability test. If you want the child's maximum potential performance (power) then you would accomodate. If you want to know how the child will function under "normal" conditions compared to same age peers, you would not want accommodations.

I think the distinction should have been expalined to you.