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    The trouble is - when we take her to be evaluated she refuses to participate so they struggle to diagnose. I do see that she can’t handle change, can’t socialize well, and is very irritated by certain tastes or textures.
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    The neuro psychologist will carefully watch her reactions to things and can diagnose disorders that way. Sounds like at the very least she has sensory sensitivity. Id still take her. Neuro psychs are as much about observation as talking. Talking is more therapists and she may not need a therapist. Autism is a neurological glitch that is very treatable, but if she has it, she needs interventions.

    My son was not talky and we had to cut the tags off of his shirts and he wouldnt and still wont eat certain foods. He talked late. He would meltdown if we had to interrupt what he was doing. But he improved 90 percent with interventions. Worth a try. This cant go on and you arent getting help from therapists.
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    Hi laura

    I recollected something about my own life that happened more than 50 years ago which had nothing whatsoever to do with you. I spoke to the way I felt about my own mother in a specific and fleeting interaction when I was an adolescent.

    And you responded this was unsupportive to you.

    That another female decades older could as a child have felt overwhelmed about her life, misunderstood and unsupported, was something you are taking as critical of you.

    Is it beyond possibility that your own daughter is feeling something similar? Either to me or you? And that she deserves to have a voice? We, all of us, are not so different. In our needs and feelings.

    Your daughter may need something. Sometimes anger is an expression of need, in the only way that feels possible.

    We are all of us alike. We seek to be included. To be heard. To be close. Cared for. Valued. Nurtured. Responded to. Considered.

    You. Me. Your daughter. My mother. Each of us.

    There is support here for you. And for your daughter, too. I hope you keep posting. It helps.
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