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    difficult child is refusing to go to school today. This is by no means a new problem. It's looking like its coming down to HomeSchooling or Residential. I KNOW if I homeschooled him he would learn so much more IF I could somehow get him to listen. We tried this once before and it didn't work. He is learning NOTHING in school. The school has definitely contributed to his problems but he's never been able to be in a classroom long since Kindergarden. I am so tired of this battle. I feel like I should be imposing consequences but that ALWAYS causes meltdowns which wind us up in the hospital. I have to go to our store because we are basically broke so I can't tell him he can't play with his one friend today (he waits all week to have a few minutes with this kid...:(because if I told him that he'd never go with me to the store and I need the money. My husband has been in NY for business and we'll relieve me at 1:30 otherwise the store would never work either because he gets "bored" there. I can't help thinking if we had ever been able to enforce consequences, things would not be at this point. I feel like I'm always backed into a corner...:(
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    Hi....this is a stressfull situation! Sorry, dont know your context? Why is he struggling so much at school and why cant you enforce consequences?
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    I just read your previous post...Now I understand a bit more:)
    Do you have the option of small homeschool centres or small class options for kids with special needs? We have it in our country, but they all dont allow conduct disorders....But I was wondering if your son will be able to cope with say a class with only 6 kids in it?
    Thinking of you!
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    Just sending some hugs your way. With all the issues we've had with difficult child, school refusal was not one of them. In fact, we can't get him to stay home when he is sick.


    Thank you for the responses. He is in a couple of classes that have 8-10 kids but he is super sensitive and if someone - even the teacher - has a facial expression or tone of voice that he thinks is "mean", he leaves the room...:(
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    That is so hard. difficult child 1 used to need to "escape" classroom stuff. I don't homeschool but both my kids are thriving doing school online. There are prepared lessons with lots of various types of resources built in ...videos, hands-n activities, etc. Even difficult child 1 is getting straight A's. Is that a possibility for you?


    Whenever I have tried to homeschool difficult child, he is defiant and won't do the work. I was thinking of doing the online thing but whenever difficult child is at home he complains of boredom (which is his biggest fear) and then meltdowns start...:(

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    Its tuff and although I didnt have the same issues as your son, I did have issues with a teacher that set me off on hating school which I didnt even want to do homeschooling. I know when I had the teacher come to the house thru the Public school system, I was bored but forced to do my work. When it was just my family teaching me ( no computers then) I refused as well. I regret all that now and I know theres no way to explain to a child about their future and how they will regret not doing school esp when they have any type of issues. Can your school do half in class and half home? Or send a aide/teacher to help out a couple times a week?

    My son would go nuts at home although he still cant still at school ( medications arent right and of course when he takes them ). If you can see what study groups or any activity he would feel comfortable to do, to keep him busy if he did stay home. Rewards /privileges when he does his work?
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    How are things going? Is your difficult child going to school? I am in the same boat and not sure what to do.